How to Furnish Your Smaller New York Apartment on a Budget


It’s no big secret that mainstream furniture is meant for bigger rooms with more space. So, if you are living in an apartment that is a little smaller than the average accommodation, you might be struggling to find something comfortable and suitable for your layout. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get around the issue of limited space and this guide has the answers you’ve been searching for.

Think About Beanbag Seating Alternatives

The great thing about washable bean bag chairs is that they are highly versatile, look modern, and provide an almost unmeasurable comfort in any living space. That is what makes them a great alternative to traditional seating arrangements like sofas and armchairs. If your apartment’s living room or hangout area is a little cramped, a sofa might take up the whole of the floor space which will then leave no room for anything else! Ideally, you still want to have a little storage and an area for your TV plus a little breathing space for other things such as lamps, plants, and even a bookshelf. Bean bags are easier to clean, easier to move, and easy to relax on too.

Make Your Color Choice Work for the Size

You can impact a lot with your choice of color on the walls and floor. For instance, when you opt for a lighter shade like white or pastel lilac, there is an instantaneous illusion of more space. Though it might be psychological, it definitely has an impact and should really be embraced as a strategy for making any room feel bigger and more inviting. You could also avoid big, bold patterns that would make a room feel more closed in and constricted.

Bring in Natural Light

Along a similar theme, natural light can do wonders for making any small space feel grander. Step away from big, heavy curtains that drown a room and think instead about installing blinds or even adding more windows to your living space, if your budget and structure allow. The blinds NYC apartment owners often use are motorized so you can quickly close blinds for privacy and darkness at night and reopen in the morning.

Get Organized and Declutter

Decluttering your apartment will not only support better well-being but also enhance your home and make it feel more organized, fresher, and generally bigger too. Think about adding in some clever storage solutions like in-built cupboards and boxes you can tuck out of sight as this will all help your agenda.

Measure Everything

Never, ever buy any piece of furniture until you have measured its intended destination. This is the golden rule of furnishing and organizing a small apartment. If you buy something that is too big because you didn’t check the measurements, you run the risk of both wasting money and overshadowing all the hard work you’ve done to make the space feel roomier. This would obviously be counterproductive, so invest a little time before a purchase and do it properly.

Furnishing your smaller NYC apartment can be a lot of fun if you plan it all thoughtfully. Doing your research means looking at the layout and figuring out what could feasibly go in which bit of the room. Thinking about alternatives to traditional furniture is also a great bet!

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