How To Get Metformin Online?


We all want to live longer and healthier lives. You may exercise daily, take multivitamins or follow a strict diet rich in fruits and vegetables, hoping these efforts will keep your body in good health. Yet, despite our best efforts, we will continue to age, increasing our risk for age-related diseases. Research has found that many diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are associated with age, and the older you get, the more at risk you become.

Although you can’t stop the clock, you can slow biological aging. Studies have found that various longevity therapies can reduce the risk of age-related diseases considerably. One of these potential longevity therapies is theorized to be Metformin. It’s what longevity expert Dr. Nir Barzilai has called “longevity in a pill.”

Metformin is a drug commonly used to treat diabetes. It is derived from natural compounds in French lilac and has been used since the Middle Ages. In addition to being FDA-approved to treat diabetes, Metformin is listed on the World of Health’s Essential Medicines, a catalog of the most effective, safe, and cost-effective therapies for diabetes.

Metformin is theorized to promote longevity by impacting aging pathways. In 2013, researchers identified and categorized the molecular and cellular hallmarks of aging. They discovered 9 of these “hallmarks” caused aging and drove the onset of age-related diseases. Metformin targets 4 of these, specifically genomic instability, epigenetic alteration, deregulated nutrient sensing, and cellular senescence. As a result, it positively impacts the following age-related conditions:

Overall Mortality

A UK study published in Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism compared 78,000 type 2 diabetes patients with a non-diabetic control and found that those who took Metformin had a longer survival rate than the non-diabetic control.

Cognitive Impairment

Between January 2004 and December 2009, 67,731 participants who were non-diabetic, non-demented, and over 65 years, were studied. The study revealed that diabetes is associated with higher dementia risk. However, the risk was reduced when a participant took Metformin, showing Metformin was associated with significantly decreased cognitive impairment.


Cancer significantly reduces longevity, and the risk of being diagnosed increases as we get older. Though there isn’t a cure for cancer, research has discovered therapies like Metformin can potentially reduce the risk. Metformin has anti-cancer properties, and studies have found it is associated with reduced the risk of colon, pancreatic, and gastroenterological cancer and decreases prostate cancer and all-cause mortality.

Macrovascular and Cardiovascular Risks

In 2009, a placebo-controlled trial of 390 patients found that Metformin could reduce the risk of macrovascular disease. Over four years later a follow-up was conducted that discovered that Metformin also reduced cardiovascular mortality. Additionally, it reduced cardiovascular events in non-diabetic and diabetic patients with heart disease.


Metformin is commonly used to treat diabetes, but it can also prevent it. In a multi-year study, researchers discovered that Metformin reduced the risk of diabetes by 31%.

Metformin is considered one of the safest prescription medications because serious side effects are rare. That said, some people can be allergic and should therefore not take it. It is also not recommended for those with poor kidney function or poorly controlled diabetes.

With a long list of potential health benefits and few side effects, it’s no surprise people without diabetes are looking to take Metformin. You can purchase Metformin online, but not all providers are the same. Many companies sell Metformin online but require a prescription first. This means you will have to go to your family physician first, request a prescription for Metformin, and then provide it to the online company before you can make a purchase. This takes more time and effort and reduces the convenience of ordering online.

Alternatively, you can purchase Metformin online from a company that provides its own doctor consultation. This is ideal for those looking to take Metformin and who do not have diabetes. An example is  AgelessRx is an online wellness platform that is focused on longevity therapies like Metformin.

To order, you will first select the monthly or quarterly option. In a monthly package, you will receive 30 daily doses at 1000mg/day or as prescribed. The quarterly package provides you with 90 daily doses. Next, you will fill in some information, and a U.S licensed prescriber will complete a free medical evaluation. At this time, the doctor may recommend a different dose. If it is determined that you are a suitable candidate, Metformin will be delivered right to your door.

AgelessRx partners with pharmacies and FDA-registered manufacturers like TAGI for Metformin. Additionally, the pharmacies are accredited, meaning they undergo strict manufacturing and approval processes and are routinely inspected. This provides you with peace of mind that the medication you are receiving is safe and pure.

Within the first 30 days of starting Metformin, you will be asked to complete a New Patient Check-In. At this time, you can report any side effects or improvements you are experiencing. This will then be reviewed, and if desired, you can adjust your prescription.  You may also make adjustments at any time by simply emailing the AgelessRx medical team, which reviews your medical history, feedback, and longevity goals.

There are ways you can measure your response to Metformin as well. Shortly after starting the prescription, patients often report an improvement in blood sugar levels which can be seen in lower glucose and HbA1c levels. A blood test that measures HbA1c levels, administered before and again after starting the prescription, or using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) can provide these readings.

You can also determine how well it is working by taking a biological age test before you start Metformin and again six months after taking it. Because Metformin slows down biological aging, it will show you how this has slowed. Other ways you can measure it are through weight loss, energy levels, and quality of sleep..

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