How To Help Your Little Light Sleeper Snooze More Soundly


As a parent, it’s only normal that you care a lot about your baby’s sleep. Whether it’s the lack of sleep you are getting or wanting to give your baby the best chance they can get, proper sleep is important. While you cannot do anything about what will eventually happen, there are strategies that you can use to change the amount of sleep your little one gets.

Again, both the baby and the parent need to have enough sleep, but how can you make sure that your little one sleeps better? Here are some helpful tips on how to help your baby sleep more soundly. You can also check out Nested Bean for more information.

Keep The Room Cool and Dark

Keeping your baby’s room cool and dark is a good place to start. In order to help the baby fall asleep faster, it is important that they have a comfortable environment with a good temperature. While keeping the room warm is okay if you don’t mind being hot as well, studies have shown that a cooler temperature helps babies sleep better longer. Other ways to make the room darker are to minimize outside light by closing the drapes, switch off lights, and put away any electronics.

Consider Using a Pacifier

Using a pacifier can also help your baby sleep more soundly. For most babies, sucking on something helps relax them and even puts them to sleep. However, if you don’t want the milk teeth to come in crooked or for it to cause nipple confusion when they start breastfeeding, you can choose not to use one. Alongside using a pacifier, you can also rent a Snoo Smart to help them rest better. While there is no “best” way to help your baby sleep better, it is important that you know what works for them. Using a pacifier can be a good solution as long as you aren’t planning on breastfeeding in the future.

Keep Them Comfortable

Having a good sleeping environment will also include having them sleep on something comfortable. If your baby wakes up every time they are placed on their stomach or starts crying whenever they are swaddled too tightly, it might be because they just aren’t comfortable. You may also want to try putting them on their side too for an added layer of comfort.

Avoid Stimulation Before Bedtime

You should avoid stimulating your baby before bedtime as well. If you’ve changed the temperature in the room and made sure that the baby is comfortable, chances are they are already tired. However, you should not start playing with them or talking to them before bed to make sure that they will fall asleep right away. Keep the room dim and quiet so that your baby can calm down easily.

Follow a Consistent Bed Routine

Having a consistent bed routine is also important. If you’ve been using the same method of putting them to sleep every night, it’s best to continue doing that for a while. However, if you have been doing different ways of getting your baby to fall asleep before, make sure to pick one and follow it regularly until they get used to going to sleep. You can ask your baby’s pediatrician for advice on what type of routine would work best with your little one.

Sleep In The Same Room

If possible, try sleeping in the same room as your little one. You might have been keeping them in another room before in case they would wake up in the middle of the night, but you’ll soon find out that it’s not necessary. Most little ones will start waking up after just a few hours once they are old enough to sleep through the night, so having them sleep in the same room as you is helpful.

Sleep In The Same Room

While there are many ways that you can help your baby sleep better, it’s important to acknowledge that every child is different. What they like most might not work for someone else, and what works for most babies might not work for yours. Make sure to ask your pediatrician or family members with children if you have any questions on how to make your baby sleep more soundly.

Make Sure They’re Feed and Burped Well

If your baby is hungry or if they need to burp after feeding, wake them up so that you will know when to put them down again. This is important especially for newborns who need to eat more often because they are hungrier. While it might be nice to let them sleep for hours, waking them up wouldn’t help make sure that they are fed enough throughout the day.

Develop a Rhythm for Nighttime

The best way to make sure that your baby sleeps well at night is to develop a rhythm. This means that you can start winding down even before bedtime by turning off the lights and avoiding too much noise or playtime. When putting them down for bed, avoid any stimulation as well so they can fall asleep quickly without any trouble.

Getting your baby to sleep can be a challenge for parents as they try to balance the needs of their baby with those of themselves. If you’re interested in helping your little one sleep more soundly, it is important you know what will work best for them and use it consistently. Whether you decide on a bedtime routine or following these other tips, follow whatever works best so long as your child is getting enough rest each night.

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