How to improve the interaction of students in class: tips for teachers


For effective imparting and receiving of education, interaction with the teachers and among the students is very important. Interactions are beneficial in many ways. Interpersonal connections, confidence level, communication, effective teaching, active learning, better knowledge, and other personality development traits, all are increased with interaction with one another.

From achieving success in education to job fields, students need to become interactive. While few are very good at interacting, some are hesitant as well. Let us discuss some tips and techniques which teachers can use to make their classrooms a more interactive space for teaching and learning.

Improve interaction of students in classes: tips for teachers

1. Try different teaching methods

A practice of only teachers speaking and students listening is quite monotonous and less effective to make classes full of interactions. Instead of practising the same type of teaching, teachers should explore more. For instance, they could enroll in a certificate 3 teacher aide program to gain the skills they need to work effectively with children. This will make classes active and will also improve the participation and interaction of the students among themselves and with the teachers. For example, while teaching you can ask some basic and easy questions from the students.

These easy raised questions will ensure that more and more students interact. Or before beginning the lesson from the textbooks, you can discuss it with the students with their prior knowledge. Technical tools, presentations, group activities, and students summarising the topics are a few such activities that teachers can consider. Also, this technique will ensure that students are involved more in learning and less in mischief which will help in school management as well.

2. Use technical teaching aids

Only guides and textbooks are not enough to make classes interactive and participatory for students. Some additional steps are necessary in this regard. Today our educational system has evolved a lot and therefore, teachers can use modern and technical tools for teaching. You can make attractive PowerPoint presentations. By innovative, and creative presentations with pictures, students will interact more.

Also, other technical tools such as modules, quizzes, riddles, educational videos, and puzzles can be used. Today’s students enjoy and connect with technology a lot. Hence using technical aids in the classroom is a great idea. All the teachers while teaching, online or hybrid learning must follow this technique.

3. Conduct interactive activities

It is very important to allow students to interact with one another as well as with the teachers. The best activity can be group discussions. In this activity, you can divide the class into a few groups and assign a basic, interesting topic to each created topic. Give students some time to think and then ask them to discuss with one another the assigned topic. This will ensure that students interact with them properly. Teachers can also become a part of the discussion to guide and provide students with feedback.

4. Allow questions

The practice where teachers finish a topic and leave is very boring for the students. Also, when students don’t get a chance to ask and get clarity on their doubts, they become less interactive in the classes. Therefore what teachers can do is, give some time for question rounds as well. During this time, you can ask students to raise their doubts and queries. When students ask questions, good interaction sessions can be conducted. Also if any students know the answer to the raised question, allow them to answer. This will improve the connections among the learners as well.

Additional message for students

Interactions in the classroom are very important. It will help you to understand well as well as to maintain connections with the teachers and other students. By interacting in the classes, you can promote discipline which will help in school management.  Don’t hesitate before speaking. Classrooms are learning spaces and teachers are there to guide us.

Therefore, students should try to overcome their fear of speaking and must participate as much as possible. This will improve knowledge as you will receive personal feedback from the teachers and your confidence level will also be boosted. Therefore all learners whether learning, traditionally, online, or via hybrid learning should participate and take this activity constructively.


Interaction in the classrooms is of two types, one is between the teacher and the students, the other one is among the learners themselves. Both the interaction forms are very important for the effective growth and development of the learners. Making students interact can be a challenge for many teachers but the above-mentioned techniques can help them in this regard. By following these techniques, teachers can make their classes more interactive and student-engaging. Also, teachers must focus on constructing an environment where students feel secure and comfortable to answer.

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