How to Install Roller Shutter Garage Door


The need to protect your cars or other things in garages from intruders and vandalism with shutters has grown enormously. This is something that we perceive due to the increase in requests for installing roller doors and motors. If you are asking where to get high-quality geelong roller shutters, click the link given.

Installing a roller shutter or replacing an old one is really quick and easy. And it is within reach of anyone with some basic tools and good automation. However, the réparation volet roulant manuel sangle, due to its dimensions, weights, and security requirements, is not easy either.

In this post, we are going to address how to install roller shutter garage door.

How to Install Roller Shutter Garage Door: Step by Step

Step 1: Prepare For Installation & Precautions for Use

Check the environment around your roller shutter garage door. Nothing should hinder installing the box and the guides (for example, cables, pipes, etc.). If this is the case, these constraints should be detected beforehand. Contact the experts in b&d garage door repairs to prevent worsening the problem.

Check the type of support on which you are going to install the garage door. The wall must be free of all impurities (concrete residues, screws, nails, etc.). Clean the wall to prevent the sheet of the back of the box from rubbing on the slats aluminum. Make sure that the apron is not scratched.

Before starting the installation, check that the lintel is not bent. The wedges must be placed on each side of the guide rails.

Step 2: Start Laying

Carefully unpack the boxes. Place the box on the ground facing your garage’s opening on a flat cardboard box to avoid scratches. Carefully remove the protective films on the faces. These will no longer be accessible once the box and the guides have been fitted.

Step 3: slide installation

Insert the legs of the box in the slides on the left and the right.

Step 4: Placing the Housing

Raise the two slides simultaneously and in parallel to avoid the risk of breaking the legs of the box. Position 2 clamps on each aluminum slide to temporarily fix your roller garage door. Level the casing. If this is difficult, you can put a wedge under the concerned slide.

While checking plumb backstage for the aluminum, deck down correctly. They must be perfectly parallel.

Step 5: Attaching the Slides

Be vigilant! For the aluminum curtain of your garage door to resist the wind, the guides must be impeccably fixed.

  • Type of anchors recommended: 6 x 60
  • Recommended screw type: TF 4.5 x 60

Make the drilling in your garage wall starting from the top on the left and right slides. Then fix the two slides and wedge them if necessary.

Check that the balance of the slides. They should not move left or right so you can continue to fix your slides as you go down: they must remain perfectly parallel!

For a surface installation, put the finishing plugs of the slides on the holes.

Special case: exterior wall mounting

For the sake of sealing, it is strongly recommended to apply a silicone gasket. Apply mostly around the periphery of the box and the guides.

Step 6: Electrical Cabinet Installation

The electrical cabinet must be positioned next to the roller garage door (left or right), depending on your electrical supply.

Attention, the cabinet must be placed in the right direction so that the wires’ arrival is positioned downwards. If the direction of installation of the cabinet is not respected, programming will be impossible!

Step 7: Powering the Electrical Cabinet

Connect your electrical cabinet to your main power supply. The limit switch settings of the roller garage door are adjusted directly in the factory with two remote controls.

Test the correct operation of your garage door using the remote control.

Step 8: Proceed With the Finishes

Using the sheet metal, close the box and remove the protective films remaining on the slides and the box.

Step 9: Emergency Maneuver

Perform the test without the power supply.

In the event of a power failure, you have an emergency exit where you can insert your crank.


Before embarking on this project, learn how to install roller shutter garage door perfectly. Carefully assess your technical skills and knowledge. The day you install your roller garage door, we strongly recommend that an additional person accompany you.  It is a heavy and bulky product to handle.

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