How To Keep Up With Carpet Cleaning In Busy New York


Whether you live in a beautiful Victorian house in the Upper East Side, a boho apartment with wall-to-wall carpeting in The Bronx, or a studio apartment with walls covered in Persian rugs, you know just how quickly your beautiful rugs can get dirty and stained.

Depending on your regular carpet cleaning habits and lifestyle in general, your carpets may get dirty quicker than you might want them to. If you would like to learn what else could you do to preserve the cleanliness and freshness of your carpeting for longer without having to hire a Silk rug cleaning company every week, read on.

Invest In Quality Doormats For All Home Entrances

Doormats will encourage guests and family members alike to wipe their shoes before coming in, and this is an excellent proactive action that will keep a lot of the dirt and grime off the carpeting. It is not only the specific slush and salt in the wintertime that you are trying to prevent from reaching your beloved rugs and carpets, but also the daily dirt and bacteria in the street that you constantly step on in the crowded city streets.

Use the double doormat solution by installing one doormat at the entrance and the second inside the house, right at the door, so you can avoid making a mess every time you return home or you are having guests over. If you have invested a lot of money in your antique, traditional, and original hand-woven or hand-tufted area rugs or designer carpets, your guests should understand your desire to protect your investment using doormats.

Make Bespoke House Slippers – And Use Them

Of course, you could take things one step further and choose to leave your shoes at the door and ask guests to do the same before walking in. Your rugs will definitely look fresher and cleaner for longer. Do you think some of your guests might not feel comfortable doing it? How about designing some bespoke and quirky house slippers or shoes they can wear to keep your flooring and carpeting protected against the debris and oils from their feet?

Invest in A Quality Vacuum Cleaner & Know How To Use It

While all vacuums basically do the same thing, some are better than others and the sooner you will understand this, the better. Go ahead and invest in a good vacuum as you will need to use it two times a week to preserve your carpets the right way. Frequency is not the only essential aspect of vacuuming; the method used for vacuuming will make a huge difference in the end results as well. You should run over the same spot n a carpet between 8 up to 12 times, depending on the foot traffic that the respective spot usually gets. Vacuum in all directions so you can pull out a large amount of debris, dust, and bacteria embedded in the fibers and opt for a robot vacuum that can do all the job for you by the push of a button if you do not have the time to handle detailed vacuuming on your own every week. But if you want expert professionals to clean dry your carpet instead, you can click the following link and continue to communicate with a reputable carpet dry cleaning company.

Hit Refresh On your Carpets With Homemade Solutions

Use baking soda, borax, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or cinnamon to freshen up your rugs and carpets and make them look and smell fresh and clean 24/7 while keeping the mold away.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners At Least Once A Year

To make sure your carpets are well taken care of and protected against serious damage all year long, hire experts or rent professional cleaning equipment. Just keep in mind using a steam cleaner the wrong way on the wrong fabrics could wreak havoc on your rugs, carpets, or upholstery around the house, which is why this job should always be left to the hands of pros.



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