How To Keep Your Home Better Organized With A Pet Around


Pets are our best friends and their playfulness makes our hearts explode – and, with them, our homes. Toys, food, treats, and pet waste spread everywhere around the house are enough to create a space that is not properly organized or pleasant to live in. If you are looking for some extra help on how to organize your pets’ gear at home, the following guidelines should help you handle this matter with more ease and less stress. Also, you can check out the link to find out the best cat safe house plants.

Sort, Donate, and Decide What To Keep

  • Start by gathering all the supplies for your beloved pet in a single room, preferably on the floor, and carefully examine it.
  • Strat creating two different piles, one with items you are ready to donate or sell, and one with items you would like to keep and continue to use.
  • Make sure to also throw away any expired bags of food, broken toys, leashes, grooming utensils, and other similar items that can no longer be used by you or someone else.
  • For those supplies that are still in good working condition, get in touch with a local animal shelter or post a Facebook ad and donate them.
  • Sort and organize the items you want to keep by putting things that are related to one another in a single pile. For instance, sort the items used when walking your dog in a single pile and the grooming items in a different one. Create different piles for food and bath time items as well.

Set Up Pet Stations In Different Places Throughout The House

Set up different pet stations around the house so you will have no problem coming across everything you need, just when you need it. For example, place such a pet station inside or near the bathroom so you can immediately pick and use your pet’s bathtime items. Keep a pet station with a leash and doggy bags near the front door to go on quick walks and food in dry locations near the feeding dishes.

Use plenty of bins and baskets to pick up any toys and pet supplies in the pet station areas so you can maintain cleaner floors and also to make organization a lot smoother. Take a look at a few useful cleaning tips for carpeting, floors, and upholstered furniture pieces to make sure these surfaces are kept disinfected and clean at all times.

Additional Pet Supply Organizational Tips

Use airtight containers for storing your pets’ dry food and treats, as most of these bags are large and can be difficult to tackle several items a day. The container should keep the food fresh for longer and adding a food scooper should mealtime even easier.

The majority of pet owners keep treats in the resealable bags they are sold. A container with a lid on it could help fix the problem of treats purchased in bulk or boxes that will usually go dry quickly.

If you want t make things look even neater and nicely organized, take the time to nicely customize the containers, boxes, and bins used to organize the pets’ food, treats, toys, and grooming items.

Always have a hook near the front door and keep the harness in it so you can just grab it and be on your way whenever your fury friend asks for a walk. Place the rest of the items needed for going on a walk in a basket near the door, including waste bags, collapsible water dishes, balls and other toys, or a sweater and some boots if you live somewhere cold. Place a tape roller in the same basket and grab it before you get out the door and thank yourself later when you will be covered in pet hair.

Finally, make sure you also keep the pet binder with all your pet’s vet documents well organized, including records from the breeders, insurance policies, documents mentioning your pet’s allergies, and so on.





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