How to Lock Sliding Closet Doors: Step by Step Guide


If you have already installed a sliding closet door, it is time to find out how to lock sliding closet doors. Sliding closet doors can bring out a great outlook to your house and rooms.

You may keep valuable things inside. Therefore, it is crucial to keep them locked in complete security and privacy.

So how do you lock the sliding closet door of your room? Serrurier bruxelles has one of the most secured locking systems for sliding closet doors. Here are some very basic and simple guidelines to follow when you want to lock sliding closet doors.

Step by Step Guide to Lock Sliding Closet Doors

For your luxurious and sophisticated home, sliding closet doors are a great addition. However, these doors can be one of the riskiest in the market.

Sliding closet doors are tough to secure. They are quite hard to keep locked. Moreover, most regular locking systems will just be easy to break on a sliding closer door.

Nevertheless, there are ways in which you can lock the sliding closet door in your home. Before that, let us look at what we need to consider before putting a lock on these doors.

2 Things to Consider Before Installing A Lock System for Your Sliding Closet Door

There are a few things to know before deciding on which and how you will install a secured door lock system for your closet. Here are the two most important things to know.

Consider the choice of the room

It is significantly important first to decide which room’s closet door you are planning to secure. If the sliding closet door is in the common room, you may not have to invest a lot in installing a lock.

However, bedroom sliding closet doors will require extra care when installing a lock on the door. Bedroom closets will have valuable things like jewelry, money, and other documents stored inside them. As a result, it is important to pay extra attention when locking the bedroom closet doors.

Consider the type of sliding door

If the sliding door is a double barn door, all you need is a sliding barn door. These doors will easily slide and lock together.

However, a single-hung barn door is not designed to be locked in regular terms. Regardless of that, it is always possible to be creative and find ways to lock these types of closet doors as well. You can simply install a hook and an eye to create a locking system for single-hung sliding closet doors.

3 Ways to Lock Sliding Closet Doors

In this article, we will show 3 ways to lock sliding closet doors. These processes are the most preferred ones and the easiest to install. But remember to seek expert support.

You can cover the sliding closet doors

While this is quite uncommon, there are glass closet doors in a few houses. While it can be quite trendy and modern, the security threat it possesses can be high. Any unfamiliar person can make a mind-map of the things that could be inside it without having to open the door.

The best option to secure these doors would be to cover them with something nice yet useful. You can also install a shutter to lock the doors more securely. This will allow your doors to open and close more firmly than just a simple cover.

However, shutters and panels can be quite expensive. So, you must be careful when buying and installing them. Moreover, it would be best to seek expert support while installing a locking system with a panel or shutter.

You can install a door lock

Door locks are the most secure way to lock your sliding closet doors without a doubt. These locks are usually installed on the top part of the door. As a result, these are safe from children as only tall kids and adults can open these locks.

In addition, these locks will completely seal the door. What should you do to install these locks? First, close the door all the way. Clean the upper area of the sliding closet door.

After that, you will have to position the lock in its place on the door and mark holes on the door. On the holes, you will have to drill and then install the lock in the exact place. This way, the top piece of the lock has been installed.

Now, you will have to install the locking piece similarly. First, position the lock and mark the holes. Then drill the holes and place the lock in the right place. These subtle locks will not be noticed by anyone at all. Therefore, your custom closets will remain secured and still in their actual design even after installing the lock.

Electronic locking systems

Electronic systems will provide you with the latest technology in the door locking system. This will be an up-to-date option but may not ensure as much safety as the lock system.

What you will need to do is put a sensor on the closet door. This sensor will be linked with a home security system. In this way, whenever there is an unauthorized opening of the closet door, the alarm will go on and alert you. It will even send you a mobile phone notification.


Just like the main door of the house, closet doors also require a quality locking system. The sliding closet doors are the last barricade between a break-in and your valuable things. Follow these options to know how to lock sliding closet doors.

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