How To Make Money From Home During Bankruptcy

At times, filing bankruptcy becomes the only choice to save a business from sinking into cold water.

Unfortunately, most bankruptcy filed cases restrict the further operation of the subject business until the debt has been paid completely.

And even if your business is still allowed to run amidst the buzz, making money on the side will enable you to get out of the rabbit hole faster. Right?

Therefore, in today’s series, I’ll show you 4 easy ways to make money in your spare time whether at home or in the office during your lunch breaks.

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Run A Blog

Blogging is the 20th century’s biggest business. This is an effect of a generation that holds the acquisition of knowledge in the highest standard possible so far. In 2020 alone, over 104 million people read 20+ billion posts every month on WordPress alone. And it doesn’t matter what your blog is all about, there is always an audience in wait ready to consume your content as long as you keep your blog updated consistently. So, where is the money coming from? Blogs can be monetized in more than 50 different ways. Yes, read that again. A quick Google-search on how to monetize a blog will push almost a hundred realistic blog monetization methods on your screen.

Sell eBooks

Like I mention previously, knowledge is the 20th century’s God. And while the assimilation of knowledge from printed books is not going into extinction anytime soon, electronic books receive the most read. God, there’s even a special Read An Ebook day which takes place every
september 18th. And while you may not be interested in writing a book, you can always hire a writer on a freelance platform like Upwork where your bookcover can also be designed by a freelance designer. The charge for writing usually runs from $100 to $200 per book. After your book is ready, both the publishing, marketing, and selling jobs are done for you for free by networks like Amazon Kindle. And speaking of Amazon Kindle, the average author makes an average annual income of $3000-$5000.

Start A Podcast

This becomes really easy and effective if the court hasn’t put up your home studio instruments for sale. But even then, you don’t essentially need a set of standard recording instruments to run a podcast as long as you are utilizing the best audio interface equipment and this guide should help you in finding the best one. Just like blogging, there are so many ways to monetize your podcast show. One thing you want to be sure of is, though, that your niche is not so competitive and there is an audience waiting. You can get to know these by making a keyword research on a free tool like ubersuggest or a paid one like Ahref or SEMRush.

Become A Freelancer

Regardless of what set of skills you have, you can always make money off of it as long as it is relevant in today’s world of digitization. And the great thing about freelancing is that it is done at your spare time. Just sign up on a freelance platform and log in whenever you’re free to check through the job postings that are related to your skills.