How to Maximize Studio Apartments in New York City

New York City has micro apartments. If you imagine your studio apartment back home with enough space, their versions are uniquely tiny enough that your bed might already occupy half of the apartment.

You have to know how to maximize your studio apartment in New York to make yourself comfortable when living in a small space.

1. Utilize cabinet storage

A studio apartment in New York has only a slim chance of having cabinet spaces. You are lucky if there are few installed ones at your apartment. Assign a theme for each closet or cabinet you have. For example, dedicate a kitchen cabinet for a pantry shelf and cleaning supplies for the cabinet in the bathroom. This helps you become more organized, and you know where to find everything you need.

2. Remodel your bathroom

You can remodel your bathroom if you own the studio apartment or have the landlord’s approval. Replace the sink with a cupboard at the bottom. It gives you a place for your cleaning and bathroom supplies and hide it from sight.

If you cannot remodel your bathroom to a semi-laundry room, it is likely best to rely on laundry pickup and delivery service.

3. Invest in multi-functional furniture

The best furniture to invest for a micro apartment are the multi-functional ones. Those cute cushion that unfolds to a bed, or a coffee table with an ample storage space at its bottom. Some home improvement specialists installs a lift-up bed that has a spacious storage under the bed frame to store your non-essential items. Multi-functional furniture does not eat up your floor space.

4. Only purchase furniture meant for studio apartments

Besides choosing multipurpose furniture, only purchase those that are built for studio apartments. You do not have to squeeze the bulky furniture and eat up most of your floor space. If you are planning to purchase a washer and dryer, you have to rethink that decision. Determine if the appliance can fit your bathroom. If it does not allow, then visiting a laundry service in New York is your best choice.

5. Add lighting fixtures and wall colors

Even a tiny space needs the right lighting fixture. Choose the right bulb style to make your tiny apartment cozy. Ensure not to use a floor lamp for your lighting fixture. Install a floor-free lighting fixture to have a simple design.

Re-painting your apartment varies. If you are renting, your landlord might not approve. But if it is your apartment, and you want to do a makeover, choose light-colored paint and decorations to make your apartment feel large. Colors and lighting affects your daily living. Stick to wall colors that are light and muted to help reflect light and keep the space vibrant.

Apartment Organization is the Key

Organizing a small studio apartment in New York can be overwhelming. If you need to remodel your apartment to utilize and make every corner of it functional, it is most likely best to hire a home improvement specialist.