How to Maximize Your Overhead Garage Storage


Building overhead garage storage is the best idea for reorganizing the space. The best thing you can do to maximize the storage space in your garage is to get stuff in your garage off the floor. The overhead storage system allows us to take a lot of miscellaneous stuff that we need out of the way, yet still accessible. There are several rack kits available in it the market with all the accessories required and a guide for the installation as well.

A DIY Method

But, if you are not willing to spend too much on buying new racks then DIY is the best approach for you to go. Instead of just adding some wooden shelves, there are more efficient methods that you can try. One of these methods is to hang totes from the roof of the garage where they will be out of the way but can be easily accessed.

Material Required

For this, you need plywood, pinewood, totes bin, drilling machine, and some screws.

Start cutting half an inch of plywood to about three inches wide. These will be horizontal pieces that we will actually attach to the roof. Then cut down some three-quarter-inch plywood to about four inches wide which would be the horizontal runners that would make contact with the tote’s ledge allowing them to hang. Trim them to the length of the totes. You need to make sure that you allow plenty of space between the two boards so that they slide in and out easily but not so much space that they hang so low and prevent the garage door from opening. Take all the measurements accurately.

The Process

Once you take the measurements, cut the pinewood pieces down to the right width. After this, line up the pinewood pieces and mark the center on them, so that you can line them up with the centre of the vertical boards. Now join them together with glue and one and a half-inch screws. First, add a bead of glue to the pine board then line up the top of the plywood piece and set it with a couple of Brad nails. In this way, you would get a fine and good looking runner for your totes to slide onto. Construct three more runners the same way or as much as you want according to the size of your garage.


Now it’s time to install the totes. Tack the runners with a nail gun on the ceiling. After adjusting the first two runners, you can move towards the installation of the other runners accordingly. Secure the runners to the wall permanently by drilling so that they don’t fall.

Now all you have to do is to slide in the totes and check if they are sliding properly. In case you feel that there is some difficulty in sliding the totes properly then make adjustments accordingly because there is a high possibility that you would have to make a few more attempts for proper installation.

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