How To Move A Leg Press Into An apartment


Having gym pieces of equipment in your home is something that has been adopted and practiced for decades. However, moving these big, bulky pieces of equipment from place to place can be quite a hassle. 

One of the most tedious pieces of gym equipment to move is the leg press machine. 

Learn how you can move a leg press into an apartment in five simple steps to help you solve your problem.

Make Sure to Clean the Leg Press

This tip is perhaps the most vital step to consider when you want to move a leg press. Due to its bulkiness, it has a lot of parts filled with dust and germs. If you leave these germs on your gym equipment while you are moving, it can stain other pieces of furniture and clothing. Thus, it would be better to wipe down your leg press before putting it in the moving truck. 

We suggest using wet wipes, as this allows you to clean your leg press thoroughly. Alternatively, you can also use a piece of clothing and detergent. This method tends to do the job quite nicely. 

Finally, you can add some finishing touches by covering your machine with a blanket to protect it from damage and prevent any dirt transfer.

Dismantle Your Leg Press Before Moving In

The leg press is an enormous piece of gym equipment. As such, you can never move it efficiently without taking it apart first. You may think this to be counter-productive, but trying to push it into an apartment while it is fully assembled will only waste your time and your energy.

Hence, it would be best to dismantle your leg press before you decide to move it in. It would help if you understood what kind of leg press you have. Both have significantly different parts, and thus, have other machinery parts.

Once you disassemble, the machine should be small and light enough to fit through the door. However, make sure you carefully understand what goes where on your machine and adequately stash all your nuts and bolts.

Don’t Drag Your Leg Press On The Floor

Dragging your leg press on the floor will seriously dent your floor, mostly if they are made of hardwood. Also, if you are moving it a few floors up, then dragging it on the staircase may also cause property damage. Instead, it would help if you lifted it the entire time yourself or with the help of one other person. 

Hire Gym Movers to Install

If you can’t move this enormous piece of furniture yourself, it would be best if you get the help of one or two professionals. These people will help you move any equipment, be it small or large. It may cost a bit more money, but it is certainly better than trying to move it and getting frustrated because you were unsuccessful.

The Final Press

Your leg press is a piece of delicate gym equipment that may get damaged if moved inappropriately. Luckily, the tips mentioned above will guide you on moving correctly, either by yourself or with some help.

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