How To Prevent Covid Infections In Indoor Settings And Ensure Complete Safety


There are many different types of viruses that can affect the human body, however, there is one in particular that has been getting more attention than usual due to its rapid growth. This virus, which is known as covid 19, causes major concerns for the public because it not only causes significant illness but also tends to be particularly deadly among certain demographics. For example, researchers have found that this strain of the common cold typically targets children ages 6-12 and adults age 65+. However, since it attacks so quickly and spreads at an alarmingly fast rate it can easily infect people in all age groups. This makes preventing covid 19 much more difficult than other strains of the common cold or other forms of influenza.

Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to prevent covid 19 infections. By following these simple tips for preventing covid 19 infections indoors you will ensure that your friends and family stay safe at all times.

Avoid Unnecessary Contact

The best way to prevent covid 19 from infecting you or your loved ones is by making sure that unnecessary contact with others is kept to a minimum. This will not only reduce the chance of being exposed to someone who has already been infected but will also help limit the spread of the virus. It might seem like a great idea to visit a friend or go out for coffee when you have a cold, however, this would just put them at risk for infection. Instead, make sure that one of the first steps in preventing covid 19 infections indoors is avoiding all unnecessary contact with other people until after any symptoms disappear completely.

Clean Objects That May Carry The Virus Thoroughly

Another step that should be taken when preventing covid 19 infections indoors is cleaning all objects that could possibly carry the virus with extreme thoroughness. This would include, but not be limited to toilets, doorknobs, faucet handles, doorknobs, shoes, etc.

The four S approach includes cleaning all surfaces using soap, water, sanitizer, and bleach (S = Soap; W = Water; SA = Sanitizer; B = Bleach). This helps ensure that every surface has been thoroughly disinfected and eliminates the chance of spreading results to surfaces that have not been cleaned. For best results, use specific cleaning agents, like shoe sanitizer for your shoes.  Because covid 19 can live on surfaces for up to seven days it is important to make sure that every possible surface has been thoroughly disinfected and cleaned.

Use Antiviral Solutions When Washing Clothes And Linens

Because covid 19 spreads so easily through clothing and bedding it is important to avoid washing these items in hot water alone if at all possible. Instead, try using an antiviral solution during the washing machine cycle or mix one bleach with three cups of vinegar in the washing machine. However, just remember that drying clothes in an oven or dryer can cause added heat which ultimately leads to faster virus growth. For this reason, you should take extra care when laundering clothing and linens so as not to accidentally spread covid 19.

Because fabric softener is made with oils it’s also not a good idea to use fabric softener when laundering clothes or sheets in order to prevent the fast reproduction of the virus.

Wear Properly Fitted Clothing

Wearing improper clothing can lead to unnecessary exposure to covid 19. For example, wearing skirts or dresses that are not long enough exposes the skin of women’s thighs which makes it easier for the virus to infect them. Additionally, men who wear revealing shorts are at extra risk for getting covid 19 because their legs are also more exposed making it easier for viruses to get on their skin and infect them. To help prevent being infected by covid 19 always make sure that all clothing fits properly so as not to leave any skin exposed unnecessarily.

Get Plenty Of Rest

People who get enough rest and sleep are less likely to catch covid 19 than people who do not get enough sleep. This is because a lack of rest makes the body more susceptible to viruses. Additionally, if you do feel like you have contracted covid 19 it is recommended that you drink plenty of fluids so that your body has enough resources at its disposal in order to fight off the infection.

Avoid Alcohol And Tobacco

Although some people try to alleviate their symptoms by smoking or drinking alcohol when they have covid 19 it is actually a very poor way of doing so. Cigarettes and alcohol both increase the risk of catching the virus, making it far more likely that you will get sick.

Alcohol especially makes it harder for your body to completely recover from the virus because it dehydrates the body which can lead to a number of complications in regards to treatment. For these reasons, avoid smoking and drinking when you have covid 19.

Be Sure To Wash Your Hands And Face Often

You need to wash your hands often with soap and water in order to ensure complete cleanliness of the skin and a decrease in the chance of contracting covid 19. Additionally, washing one’s face frequently can help prevent covid 19 from getting onto the skin which makes it easier for the virus to spread to other people. By keeping oneself clean at all times you can greatly reduce one’s risk of catching or spreading covid as well as limit any damage the virus can have on the body.

Covid Infections

To prevent covid infections indoors, it is recommended that you: wash your hands frequently, sanitize your shoes before you take them indoors, use antiviral solutions when washing clothes and linens, wear properly fitted clothing get plenty of rest, and avoid alcohol and tobacco.

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