How to promote a business on Instagram from scratch in 2022: from a to z

IG has almost 2 billion active users, and 80% of them resort to its help when searching for an item, service or information product. Just imagine what a powerful platform it is to promote a business! If you are still only dreaming of getting your brand known, then in this article you will find answers to the questions — where to start, how to gain subscribers and interest the audience in the product. Meanwhile, you can also check out the most trusted instagram private profile viewer and avail of great Instagram services for the lowest price.

The basics

We will not dwell for a long time on how important it is to choose the right title, avatar and fill in the profile header. Everyone already knows that. The most important thing is that the title and avatar cling from the first seconds, because this is literally the first thing that users pay attention to. Remember that when looking at them, it is important that it is immediately clear which services or products can be found on the page. You don’t have to talk about filling out a profile with publications and creating a content plan for a long time. Regular posting is the key to a successful active account, so take care of it yourself or with the help of a professional. It is much more important and interesting how to further promote your account and make your product popular.

What methods of promotion exist at the moment?

All these methods can be divided into free and paid. Free ones require a lot of time, but do not require monetary investments (that’s why they are free). Paid methods take much less time and at the same time are much more effective than free ones. In any case, you can combine different ways of promotion to achieve maximum results.

Let’s move on to paid promotion methods. As mentioned above, they are much more effective than free ones. However, both methods are perfectly combined

  1. Use the secret of successful business accounts. Take the chance to buy real Instagram followers. Now there are many services that allow users to become your subs for a small fee. The best thing is that these are real people, not bots. In addition, they will show various activities in the profile (likes, comments, viewing stories) and thereby effectively raise statistics.
  2. Set up targeted advertising. This method will allow you to show advertising of the product to potentially interested users. Of course, it is very important to make the right settings. Determine the target audience, set a budget and choose the duration of the promotion. Before doing this, we strongly recommend that you study the rules for publishing ads on Insta, otherwise the ads may not be approved or even block your account.
  3. Buy ads from bloggers or on thematic pages. Given that people have much more confidence in their favorite blogger or community, this type of advertising can bring you a sufficient number of new viewers. However, it will not be possible to predict the reaction of the audience for sure, so you should not hope too much for this type of promotion. Targeting works more reliably.

Now let’s talk about free methods that will require only free time and a little creativity from you

  1. Use hashtags. Use thematic hashtags so that new users can easily find your product. There is no need to write popular hashtags that do not relate to the topic of the publication, write only target tags that directly relate to what you offer. Don’t get carried away and add 30 hashtags, 5-10 will be quite enough.
  2. Organize various contests and giveaways for your audience. For example, participants can tag their friends and share a link to your account in their profile. It’s easy, fun and not expensive. The main thing is to honestly determine the winner so as not to lose the loyalty of the audience. Giveaway can also greatly increase the number of subs, but you should be careful with this method. If after giveaway people start to unsubscribe from you en masse, then your account will be regarded by IG as uninteresting and it will be extremely difficult to achieve popularity after that.
  3. Give a gift for a subscription or for a repost in stories. A gift can be a certificate for some service, a free checklist or a small product. In fact, you are giving a small gift to a person for your advertising. And if you tell about it in stories and ask to send the reaction of all those involved, then raise the statistics of your profile.
  4. Stream. Live broadcasts together with other bloggers who are close to the topic of your product will help to exchange subs and demonstrate your expertise. For example, if you sell kitchen utensils, you can broadcast with a culinary blogger and even release a thematic guide with him.
  5. Do mutual promotion with bloggers with similar content. Like the previous method, it will help to exchange the viewers. Be sure to pay attention to the number of subs and statistics of another blogger’s profile so that the PR is fair.


Combine different promotion tools with intelligence, creativity and good taste, and your business will become profitable and popular.