How To Protect Your Swimming Pool During The Pollen Season?


Spring is one of the most exciting seasons for any pool owner. The flowers bloom, the trees shed leaves but wait!

What’s that yellowish tinge all over your kids swimming pool?  It’s probably an uninvited guest: pollen!  

Pollen can make your clean pool look filthy and dirty in no time. 

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How to deal with this?

Herein, we are suggesting the 5 ways to protect your pool during pollen season so you can enjoy swimming in crystal clear water:

1. Cover your pool

Cover your pool by a pool cover or a pool enclosure whenever it is not in active use. The cover will form a physical line of defence against pollen blooms and will prevent them from entering your pool. 

It may look like a chore to put on and pull off the pool cover. But during the flowering season, it will prove to be your best friend allowing you to spend more time relaxing and less time cleaning.

As a bonus, a pool cover safeguards your kids, keeps dead leaves away, blocks the sun rays, lowers the water evaporation rate, & more.

2. Add necessary chemicals

To get rid of the allergens, add necessary chemicals in your pool. Start by adding aluminum sulphate as it can cause pollen grains to form a clump and makes it easier for the skimmer or filter to remove it.

Pollen grains also carry some harmful bugs.  The best way to get rid of these pollutants is by adding a chlorine-based shock to your pool.

Shocking during this season will not only prevent your pool from turning yellowish but will also keep your pool water clean and clear. 

Preferably add pool chemicals at night, so that the next morning, you can easily skim pollen and anything else left in the water.

3. Use Skimmer

Every morning, use a skimmer to remove pollen grains since they often gather overnight. 

Instead of using a regular skimmer, use a fine-mesh skimmer to physically remove these tiny creatures from your pool. 

As mentioned above, add aluminum sulphate to chunk up particles in a way that makes it easier for fine mesh skimmer to catch and dispose of pollen. 

During the heavy pollen season, skim your pool on a daily basis.

Pro tip: Regularly check your skimmer to avoid any water clogging. 

4. Vacuum the pool 

There are chances that skimming alone will not be enough to completely remove pollen from your pool. In that case, vacuum your pool.

Vacuuming your pool is the best bet to keep your pool clean and remove pollen that might have fallen to the bottom of your swimming pool.

There are many more benefits of vacuuming such as it prevents the growth of algae, balances the pool water, pool chemicals work more efficiently, etc.

5. Run pool filter

Run your pool filter to remove pollen grains. It won’t remove everything but will effectively manage these tiny particles.

During the spring season, run the filtration system 24 hours to form a strong line of defence against unwanted invaders.

It may increase your electricity bills but will reduce the manual labour you will have to do. 

Final words

Pollen is an unavoidable part of the blooming season that can build-up on your pool. 

Every pool owner must take the necessary precautions to keep their pool crystal clear and blue, instead of dirty and yellow.

Above all, the flock of pollen on your pool surface may look like an attacking army, but with regular pool cleaning and maintenance from pool deck repair tucson, you can combat any such problems.

Enjoy Springtime!

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