How to put a motor on a bicycle? Step by step!


Have you ever wished for a little boost when you come across a hill? Then you may wonder how to put a motor on a bicycle. The truth is you can motorize your bike by using and following some steps. However, it is not that hard process if you know how to do it.

There are various reasons behind putting a motor on the bicycle. One of the reasons is older adults are too weak for pedaling a bicycle. That’s why they need to do it.

Motorizing a bike will give you a whole new experience in the world of cycling. Let’s discuss the step-by-step process of how you can make your best motorized bicycle.

How to Put A Motor On A Bicycle?

In order to put a motor on your bicycle, you need some tools and accessories. You will find them in physical markets or online. Tools that you need for that process includes:

  • A Motor set for your bike
  • A fuel (i.e. oil or petrol) container
  • Zip ties
  • spray oil
  • Starter fluid
  • Some essential kits like pliers, screwdrivers, and so on.

Step 1: Compatibility of your bike:

The very first thing you need to do is you need a motor according to your bicycle frame. And you need to install it in the frame. However, it is really important to know your cycle capacity, whether it can fit your bicycle’s triangle space or not.

If you buy a motor that does not fit your cycle, you need to change it to a smaller motor. Try to install it. Or you can also change your bicycle frame according to your motor size. But it is not recommended because when you put a motor to your bicycle, your cycle needs to be steady.

Step 2: Install a new sprocket:

Most people use their old sprocket after motorized their cycle, which is not a good practice. Because when you motorize your cycle, your cycle needs to torque to run. But the old sprocket will not produce sufficient torque for the cycle. Thus, the whole system can malfunction.

When you set a new sprocket in your cycle, you have to make sure that the new sprocket matches the cycle’s frame. You can use a wrench to release the wheel of your cycle. For this, you need to remove the chain slowly and carefully, and then you need to set the new sprocket in your bicycle’s body.

Finally, place the nuts and screw in the correct place, and link the wheel with the chain.

Step 3: Set up the motor:

Setting up the motor in the frame is not a complex task. First of all, you have to take the motor out of the kit. Then set the motor in the triangle area of the bicycle. In order to tighten the motor, you can simply use a mountain bracket and nuts.

Step 4: Set the Spark Plug:

The next important step is to place the spark plug. The spark plug will help the bicycle to produce a petrol spark. You have to set it up at the top of the motor. If it does not place correctly, then you will not fire up your motor.

Step 5: Attach the Clutch:

A motorized vehicle needs to engage and disengage the motor, and a hand clutch will do this job. Basically, it will resemble the handbrake. Usually, it should be placed in the left handle. To install the clutch, you have to replace the left-hand brake with the clutch.

Insert the clutch wire into the hollow space of the motor. Then tighten the clutch wire with the zip ties. And make sure that the wire is tight enough. Hold the clutch to see if it works properly. After that, repeat the process, and when you release the wire, it should come to its place again.

Step 6: Link the chain:

Installing the chain correctly is very important. The chain should link between the wheel and the motor’s sprocket. To link the chain in the motor, you need to open the motor cover. Then the other part of the chain with a link to the real wheel of the bicycle.

If you see that the chain is loose enough, then try to remove some chain links. Then it will work. If the chain is not tight enough, then your motor will not get enough torque to run. If you think you are not getting the right amount of tension, you can use a chain tensioner on your bicycle.

Step 7: Install the accelerator and carburetor:

The accelerator should be placed on the right side of the handlebar. Then it should be linked with the carburetor. The carburetor is also an important part of the engine. It will maintain and mix the air-fuel ratio. So, you need to attach the carburetor directly to the engine manifold.

Step 8: Set up a fuel tank:

In order to set up a fuel tank, you can use the mountain bracket. Place the fuel tank straightly to the cycle’s body. Make sure that the tank is tightened enough. Then connect the fuel tank to the carburetor by using the fuel tube.

Step 9: Set up a silencer:

Set up the silencer and place it in the cycle’s body using the bolts from the kits. And link it to the engine exhaust. Then here we go. Now you are done with your DIY motorize bike.


If you ever wonder if you can install a motor on your bike. Then you were not wrong. Installing a motor in your bicycle is not that complex task. You can easily make your best-motorized bicycle by following the above easy steps. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this above article.

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