How to save energy in your vacation rental


Making a plan to save on your vacation rental is one of the best things you can do to get to know your business in depth, know the shortcomings and thus, start making changes to increase revenue.

Tips to save energy quickly and easily

Here are some of the quickest tips that will help you to make a change and save energy in your business without having to make big sacrifices.

Automate your processes and services

One of the most practical and at the same time complete ways is the integration of a vacation rental management system. You may think that it doesn’t make much sense to make such a change, but when you look at the features you will find, you will know that it all makes sense.

Among the main functions, you can see that you can automate different repetitive tasks, have a simpler management and thus, know where your customers are and what capacity you have available in your property, making you quickly locate the areas that are not active and save in those areas where it is not necessary to have light for certain hours.

Integrate consumption meters

Knowing what is spent in your business is important, measuring each action or consumption will let you know where the largest amounts of energy consumption are integrated, you can make different changes or avoid designating areas that have a high cost because they are large and have to be illuminated with more lamps than in other areas, etc.

Carry out timely maintenance and take care of your installation.

Taking care of the electrical installations is part of the job of every business owner and although sometimes we do not have total control of it, we can have the option to perform some actions to make the process of taking care of each of the components of the electrical installation much simpler.

To maintain a low consumption, remember that it is necessary to perform different maintenance and cleaning actions, eliminate old and high consumption components.

Upgrade to new technologies

Today we can find different alternatives to the types of light, having the option to choose helps us to update each of the parts of our property, connectors, lamps and other objects that consume energy, must be updated to be lower consumption and thus avoid the most common problems that are not optimized for a lower consumption than it really should be.

Take advantage of day and night light

Although it seems obvious, many people forget that windows have a function, and that is to make the best use of natural sunlight during the day or night. If your property does not have a design that has this feature, it is time to start making new designs to make changes and not have to spend more money on light.


Taking advantage of the light is one of the basic actions that we forget, but in addition to this, it is important to upgrade and change the traditional incandescent light for LED light, you will save more money making this change and complement your savings with the tips we left above, plus it will no longer be an incandescent light that generates heat.

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