How To Sell a Rolex Watch with Papers: The 3 Best Ways to Cash In?


The secondary market for luxury watches is booming. And that’s great news for anyone ready to sell a Rolex. Rolex is by far the most in-demand, easily recognized watch brand in both the primary and secondary (resale) market. That high demand means that selling your Rolex can be easier than selling another brand.

Rolex and the secondary market

If you’re lucky, the watch you wear every day has a value much greater than what you paid for it. That’s what happened to the anonymous buyer who recently paid $1,290,000 for Nicolas Cage’s Rolex Submariner, which he wore to the premiere of Leaving Las Vegas. A watch’s value may fluctuate with time and usage, but it typically increases over time, providing another reason to sell your Rolex and make some easy cash. In the secondary market, the Rolex watch market is flooded with as many as 20,000 Rolex watches changing hands every day, according to Time and Date. Some pre-owned Rolexes go for hundreds of thousands of dollars, far more than their original sale price. Rolex sells watches like they sell suits: At auction. In fact, sales can take place not only at auction, but also in other places, the most popular being various online shops. Online shopping has become a matter of course for us, from trinkets to really precious items.

How to sell a Rolex watch with papers

With the market for rare, historic watches rising, there are only a handful of questions you need to ask yourself before selling a Rolex. The Rolex watch you’re selling is a rare, luxury piece from a once-in-a-lifetime designer. Is the Rolex an old Rolex? Probably. You should expect that there will be bids on it. But will they offer you cash? Some will but some won’t. Many people buy Rolex for the prestige but then never wear the watch. You may think the watch is old and worth only what you paid for it. There may be bids, but you may not get the cash offer you’re looking for. The reality is that Rolex only makes about a half a million of each model, so there is rarely an opportunity to pick up a used Rolex of this vintage.

So, if you are in a mood to sell your Rolex, it is not that difficult. Just you have to take care that it is counted in the most valuable, precious and expensive things ever. So if you are going to get apart from your precious, you should try your best to get the best out of it. Remember these points for your selling process, they will make it work smoother:

  1. Get the reference number of your Rolex
  2. Find your Rolex’s serial number
  3. Get its original box and papers
  4. Complete your research to get an idea of the prize of your Rolex and to accomplish the difference between second hand and retail
  5. Capture some of its pictures
  6. Search for a reputable buyer

What are the best ways to cash in?

Take out a life insurance policy on your Rolex Most people assume selling their Rolex will be difficult, if not impossible. So, how do you ensure that someone else gets a Rolex you want to sell? To start, you’ll need to take out a life insurance policy on your Rolex. This ensures that you can claim your Rolex if you are killed in an accident. To take out a life insurance policy, you can go to any brokerage firm or insurance agent. They’ll take care of the processing and the insurance company will handle the payout. Why do you need life insurance on your Rolex? Getting life insurance on your Rolex is usually enough to give someone a good idea if they’re serious about purchasing your Rolex. And you shouldn’t under-estimate the value of a Rolex, even when it’s not displayed.

Selling your Rolex online

There are several ways you can sell your Rolex watch online. 1. eBay If you’re looking to sell an older Rolex and don’t want to bother packing up and shipping it, eBay is probably your best bet. eBay lets you set your watch’s listed value, and you can sell it to anyone around the world. Of course, shipping is expensive, but if you can’t afford eBay’s fees, consider selling on eBay’s auction site where your watch will be sold to the highest bidder. You can sell more than just Rolex watches on eBay. There are many other well-known brands that eBay has a selection of Rolex and other watches. Brands like Swatch, Seiko, Omega, and Chanel also come in on the open market on eBay. Some brands on eBay, however, require a much higher minimum bid to meet the bid that they’re comfortable with.

You can sell Rolex form the website, you’d be assigned a customer service representative who will help you at every stage on your journey once your information has been received your customer service agent will call you to walk you through the selling process and answer any questions you have after your questions have been answered they send you a prepaid fully insured shipping label so that your box is safe from the moment it leaves your hands until the second it arrives in the store once your watch has been evaluated your customer service representative will give you a call and make you an offer on your watch and it’s that simple with thousands of five-star reviews. And if you are interested to learn more facts about iPhone, you can visit

Selling your Rolex in person

When it comes to selling your Rolex in person, most Rolex dealerships will have strict guidelines regarding returns. If you’re shopping online or offline, it’s pretty rare that you’ll have any trouble. There are some restrictions, though. Rolex recommends that Rolex owners return items in as new condition as possible. This means washing them with soap and water, and performing an initial inspection of any scratches or dings that you may find. The limited number of Rolex dealerships in the U.S. that use return policies will probably allow you to test-fit your watch first to see if it’s in good condition. If not, you’ll have to buy it. What to do with Rolex wear there’s another very easy way to make money from your Rolex, and it’s one that I do all the time: put your Rolex on eBay. eBay offers a safe selling scenario.

It realize that well-being is imperative to you when selling on the web. Programmed insurance against high-hazard purchasers, vendor assurance with eBay Money Back Guarantee, and our nonstop client care group will assist with guaranteeing a smooth selling measure.

Where to find buyers?

Many Rolex owners sell through their private collectors. This is a great option, because you can charge a premium for your Rolex without having to beg on Craigslist or start an Etsy shop. You can also post on the Rolex forums to see if anyone’s interested. Just know that the Rolex community is fairly cut-throat; I’ve seen people leave cryptic messages on forums indicating that they’re selling a Rolex because their ex-wife is getting an engagement ring with a different Rolex. Yikes. How to sell a Rolex by value: You can sell your Rolex by putting it on eBay, to a private collector, or to a watch collector that specializes in certain brands. Another common option is to sell your Rolex to an online auction site, like Paddle8 or Christie’s.

At eBay buyers search for watches with the Authenticity Guarantee identification and make their buy. The dealer dispatches the watch they’ve bought to autonomous specialists. Their watch is confirmed through a multi-point assessment and gets a NFC-empowered card. The authenticator dispatches the watch to them through 3-day, signature-required conveyance.

Tips for selling Rolexes in person

Pricing a Rolex is simple – $1,000. Most clients don’t seem to have a problem spending $1,000 on a watch, and if they do they’ll give you a break for your offer. If you’re selling an older Rolex, dealers often try to get upwards of $1,000 for it. Some dealers will even buy back your Rolex if you don’t get a sale within 24 hours. So, how can you sell a Rolex and make $1,000? Tips for selling Rolexes online. The secondary market for Rolex watches is also booming. And you can make a lot more than $1,000 for your watch online. At the time of publication, a new, unopened Rolex sells on eBay in the United States for $550–$700. If you sell your Rolex through eBay, you can include the Rolex identification code (IC) on the eBay listing, which will increase the resale value.


There are three simple ways to make a Rolex watch more appealing to a potential buyer. First, you can buy a good timepiece for less than the Rolex. If you want a Rolex watch, check out the posts below to get some great deals on the blue-chip brand. Second, you can buy a Rolex for less than the price of a decent timepiece. This also works best if you have some wear on your Rolex. Buying a Rolex with a few years of wear will make the watch much more appealing to a potential buyer. Finally, you can sell a Rolex. With Rolex’s iconic stature, you’ll likely make more money selling a Rolex watch on the secondary market than from selling a different brand. That’s because watch prices are significantly higher for Rolex than for other watches. However, if you need quick funding for an emergency, you don’t have to go through the trouble of selling your Rolex to get money.

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