How to start an interior design business: Complete guide


An Interior designer has the skills, creativity, and knowledge required. They design beautiful and functional spaces. If you are an interior designer and want to start your own business. I will tell you how to start an interior design business with complete details.

Some steps to start your own business. 

When you start your own interior design business kept in mind you have the best skills and knowledge about it. Here is some point you should follow is you start your business.

1. Determine what services you offer:

The very first thing you will plan is what services you will offer to your customer. You can only offer the services which you easily provide not taking more than you can handle. If you offer to design a kitchen and room, you clear it first. You can make a list of specific deliverables.

  • Mood boards
  • Shopping lists
  • 3D renderings
  • Detailed notes
  • Paint palettes
  • Etc.

This is slightly different if you offer full interior design then use a software like Foyr Neo

Here are some details of this Foyr Neo software 

Foyr Neo is best 3D rendering Software for design room with this software you can use it as a free for 14 days free trial period. It has cloud based rendering engine that has the ability to generate 4K photorealistic renders in just 30 minutes. For more feature take a free 14 days trail version


Its features like Render Previews and 1 click 3D walkthrough enable dominant and competent workflows for designers enable them to do their best.


Foyr Neo is providing a free trial version as well as 49$ per month pricing plan

2. Focus on your Style and specialty:

Focus on your style, because we all have our style and we tend to excel in what we know best. Focus on that style in which you specialized you should focus on it. When you deal with your client you show it your style.

  • Ask some questions to yourself first?
  • What’s your design style?
  • Do you want to focus on Condon or bigger homes?
  • Do you design both indoor and outdoor spaces?

3. Choose a good business name and register it:

You should choose the name of your business, it’s really fun. The name of your business should be catchy, and your business name reflects your work.

Some things you kept in mind while you decide your name:

  • Don’t make the name complicated
  • Choose easy words, don’t choose that is hard to pronounce.
  • If you want also include your name on your business name
  • Choose the words that are related to your business
  • Make sure you don’t copy the name of other businesses.

Once you choose your business name then register it first.

4. Build a beautiful website:

You also need a website according to your business. If you don’t have the skill or knowledge about how to create a website then you hire someone to do this job.

Here’s the list you will need to do:

Register a domain name and web hosting

  • Install WordPress
  • Invest in a good theme
  • Gives the proper information
  • Optimize your website

5. Set your Rate:

When you are ready to start your business on you going to start some homework. See in your area how much designer charge? If you have a friend related to doing this job then you can ask with your friend.

Different type of rates is including:

  • Percentage of the overall cost
  • Hourly rate
  • Fixed-rate
  • Cost per square foot.

You also write on the agreement about your charges.

Have a dedicated workspace:

To start your interior design business you take care of the digital side. Working on jammies and your couch is always fun. If you have dedicated work you will be more productive.

Make you’re your home office…

  • Has enough storage
  • Has a desk surface
  • Has a good lightening

If you have the budget to pay rent then you make an office but if you don’t have enough budget then you can work by your home and meet with your client at their homes.

Build a good relationship with your suppliers and contractors:

The Contractor+ is the best way to build a good relationship with your suppliers and contractors. You make a connection with your reliable people

Make sure you build relationships with:

  • Appliance distributors
  • General contractors
  • Countertop suppliers
  • Textile suppliers
  • Cabinet suppliers

The more connection will build if you know the more people, it will be better you your business.

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