How to Stay Cool During a Heatwave


Heatwaves can be tough to deal with. Unlike cold spells, where you can warm up and put the heat on, it can be much more difficult to cool down. Putting the air con on all day and night soon gets expensive, so how can you stay cool without the big cost?

Drink plenty of water

Water is essential during a heatwave. You’ll sweat and lose a lot of your body’s fluids, so you need to replace them. Not to mention, being dehydrated will make you feel hot and uncomfortable. If you don’t like your tap water, which can be bad in cities, then it’s worth contacting water system companies and looking at getting a filtration system added to your home. This means you can get cool, crisp water with the turn of the tap, and can drink plenty during the long heatwaves.

Get a humidifier

Humidifiers add moisture to the air, which can stop you from getting a dry throat and nose or dry skin. If you have air con, you’ll no doubt know that running it for long periods can leave you feeling uncomfortable, due to the recycled air. A humidifier releases a small amount of moisture, which stops the air getting too dry. You can get warm and cool mist dehumidifiers, but it’s the cool mist ones that feel great in the summer, and can mean you use your air con less.

Dress for the heat

What you wear can make a big difference in a heatwave. Look out for clothes that are:

  • Loose fitting – short, tight clothes just make you feel sweatier
  • Natural – natural materials like linen and cotton help keep sweat away from your body
  • Covering – while it’s tempting to strip down in the heat, if skin rubs together, you’re likely to feel hot and sticky, so it’s better to wear clothes that cover you if you can

A lot of people opt for shorts and tight tops in the heat, but this isn’t the best option on the hottest days. Maxi dresses, linen shirts or shorts, and loose skirts are all much better. Look at what people wear in countries with extreme heat, and you’ll notice it’s better to keep things flowy.

Plan your day around the heat

During serious heatwaves, you may need to make adjustments to your day so that you minimize your risk of getting ill from the heat. This is especially important if you are ill, elderly, or otherwise vulnerable. Firstly, keep an eye for heatwave weather alerts, and on days that are particularly hot, make sure you avoid going out around midday. You may want to avoid outdoor exercise during heatwaves, and also make sure pets and children are protected from the hot weather.

Heatwaves can mean fun days in the sun, but they can present a real challenge when you’ve got to go about daily life in stifling heat. Luckily, there are ways you can take care of yourself during a heatwave, so you can avoid getting ill from the heat, and keep yourself as cool as possible.

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