How To Style Your Home With Oriental Rugs


If you are looking for a few fresh and inspiring interior design ideas for your home, oriental rugs are an excellent idea. These pieces are not only good floor protectants but they are also a great investment that could last for years if maintained properly with the help of top cleaning solutions such as the ones provided by Agara’s Silk rug cleaning service. Oriental rugs are gorgeous decorations that can complete any room decor whether they are placed on the floor or if they cover a wall.

The most beautiful oriental rugs can definitely add a lot of allure to any area, and the following tips can quickly teach you how to use them to style your home in a unique way.

Start From The Ground And Gradually Go Up

Choose some beautiful rugs woven by hand that would perfectly blend in with your dining or living room decor or accentuate the walls and floors. They will successfully shift the focus of your guests to the interior architecture and set the tone of the room while creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

If you are currently looking to decorate an empty living room from scratch, you could start with selecting the most beautiful oriental rugs to cover the floors or walls and choose the rest of the decorations and furnishings that match the rugs.

Choose The Right Size Of The Rug

Opt for a gorgeous Persian rug, a Turkish, Kilim, or flokati rug woven and dyed by hand, and make sure you select the correct size for the rug.

How To Find The Right Measures For Your New Area Rugs

Carefully measure the flooring area or the walls where you would like to place the oriental rugs and invest in bespoke or custom rugs that perfectly match your measurements. Measure the length and width of the living room or dining room you wish to decorate, then subtract between 2 and 3 feet from both the length and the width. Keep in mind an oriental rug that is two or three feet smaller than the room it is supposed to decorate will create the feeling of an open and nicely balanced space to live in.

Why Measuring Furniture Is Essential

The majority of area rugs usually reach specific spaces such as living quarters and they are placed underneath sofas, beds, or coffee and dining tables. This is why you should always take the time to carefully measure the furniture and size the area accordingly.

Coffee table spaces

The space to the side of the coffee table will need to measure at least two additional feet that will allow you to easily pull back any chairs while still staying on the area rug.

Sofa spaces

If you wish to decorate the space near the sofa with such a rug, make sure to partially or completely put the sofa on the area rug. If you would like to place the sofa off the rug, the rug should not face more than a couple of inches off the front side of the sofa.

Bedroom spaces

For bedroom spaces, align an area rug with the total width of both of your bedside tables and place the rug right in front of them, thus extending the length of the bed.

Choose The Best Patterns, Colors & Fabrics For The Area Rugs

For a room with busy aesthetics, opt for a rug with neutral colors instead of a vividly colored one with eye-catching patterns on it to avoid creating a hectic design.

A colorful bespoke area rug with gorgeous patterns on it should be used together with furniture pieces and decorations that are painted in more subdued colors. This will turn the main point of focus inside the room. You could also have it paired with the paint on the walls or special wallpaper.

Opt for a silk or wool area rug instead of a hand-tufted carpet woven with synthetic fibers to enjoy your beautiful investment for longer.

All in all, the best area rugs that will perfectly blend in with your decor will create a stronger sense of anchorage, balance, and, why not, a fancier atmosphere.




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