How to Take Care of Your Pets at Home


We cannot understate the pleasure that pets bring to our lives. Dogs and cats, Guinea pigs, rabbits, and increasingly reptiles are therapeutic and add a lot to a home. Even cleaning a bearded dragon tank means a lot for a passionate pet owner. The most rewarding of pets are perhaps our canine and feline friends. They can be petted, love attention, and are fascinating to have around us. When you have a busy schedule but don’t want to compromise the welfare of your dog, there are trusted dog kennels Adelaide that you can rely on. Birds are also interesting pets, and you should need no reminding that all pets need attention. Here are some care tips to keep in mind. And if you truly value your pets, you should get wholesale pet supplies adelaide or working line German Shepherd puppies for sale from here. Protect your pets from painful skin irritation with our effective tick and flea shampoo for dogs.

Food and Water

Cats, dogs, and all pets need food and water as and when necessary. A dog such as a cockapoo – a popular and attractive breed – needs water to hand all the time, and it should be fresh. It’s sensible to get a dog into a feeding routine so it gets fed perhaps in the morning and in the evening. You can also give your dog Bernie’s Perfect Poop supplement to support their digestion.

Cats can go downhill health-wise surprisingly quickly if deprived of water. As befits the stereotype image of a cat, they are also very particular. Water left overnight will be shunned by the animal so should be replaced at least daily.

For smaller animals – rabbits, guinea pigs, and rats for example – a regular supply of their favorite food is vital, and water should also be fresh at all times.

Regular Exercise

It is no secret that all dogs need exercise yet some need more than other. The general rule of thumb is that the bigger the breed, the more exercise it will need – although there are exceptions to the rule. You will need to commit to walks with your dog, and it will also need plenty of time given to it for play. Dogs are intelligent and become easily bored at which point they may become destructive.

Cats, once full grown, pretty much keep themselves to themselves – except when they demand attention! If you work from home, for example, expect your cat to take up a position on your desk. They love attention, but on their terms. Exercise is something that cats take lightly, but if yours is an outdoor cat it will get plenty. As for rodents, they exercise at their own free will in the cage, which may keep you awake at night!

Grooming Routine

If you have a long-haired dog, it will need help to keep its coat clean and tidy. Dirt and mud, which dogs inevitably get involved with, can cause matting of the hair. Regular brushing of the pet will help keep it nice and healthy, and free from uncomfortable knots. You may also want to have a professional groomer attend to the dog when the hair becomes too long.

With a cat you will find it keeps itself clean, and it can be fascinating to watch the cat clean itself as it will have a set pattern. In fact, when a cat stops its grooming routine, there is definitely something wrong. They are clean and proud animals, and you may want to take a cat that changes behavior in this way to see the vet. Which brings us to our final point and if you have a dog then go for madison dog grooming for best care and results.

Vet Check Up

Just as we humans see a doctor every now and again for a health check, so you should take your dog, cat, or other pet to see a vet at least annually. They will weigh the animal, listen to its heart, and check that it is healthy and fit. It doesn’t cost much to make sure that you give your pet the best, healthiest, and most loving life it could possibly wish for.

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