How to Use a Pressure Washer to Clean Your Home


Pressure washers are often used for stripping paint, cleaning sidewalks and driveways, or performing light excavation work. They’re among the most powerful tools you can buy to improve your home exterior, though they do require some training to handle correctly. Before using a pressure washer, it’s important that you first learn how to use one properly. If you have grease or oil to remove from the cleaning surface, hot water cleaning is the best, most efficient means of cleaning. You can find industrial hot water pressure washer for sale online. If you want to buy one, choose a reliable store for better quality. So, here are some tips.

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1. Set the Nozzle Appropriately

First and foremost, you’ll need to learn how to set the nozzle appropriately depending on what you’re trying to do. There are three types of nozzles: low pressure, medium pressure, and high pressure. Low-pressure nozzles operate at around 1,000 psi (pounds per square inch), which allows you to wash your car without damaging it or stripping off its wax. Medium-pressure nozzles can produce a stream as much as 40 times more powerful than a low-pressure nozzle—good if your house gets a lot of bird droppings every year during the winter months! High-pressure nozzles operate anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 psi, which should only be used for heavy-duty work. For cleaning the house, spray nozzles are the best option—you can adjust the width of the spray to increase or decrease water pressure. This is an added convenience that allows you to manage the amount of pressure inside your home.

2. Check for Leaks Before Operating

Before using a pressure washer, it’s important that you first check all your equipment for any leaks or other problems. Ensure there are no cracks in the pump, hoses, sprayers, or lance. If you see any leaks at all, don’t use the unit until it’s been repaired by a professional mechanic. Also, ensure that your electrical cords are properly grounded and taut, so they won’t be tripped over or damaged by water due to poor placement. Never run an extension cord through water—its insulation could become compromised and electrocute someone! And finally, never operate a power washer wearing loose clothing because it could get caught in moving parts.  Be sure to consider help from services such as Deck Staining in Pittsburgh PA as well.

3. Use the Right Fuel and Oil

Before using a pressure washer, make sure you’ve filled it with the proper fuel and oil—gasoline or diesel, depending on your unit, two-cycle, or four-stroke, depending on your model. Never operate a power washer that is leaking fuel or oil—it can be extremely dangerous! Also, never overfill either tank of gas or diesel because doing so will cause the pressure washer to emit smoke and could even damage vital engine parts. Before using a pressure washer, only activate the unit after you’ve readied yourself and cleared out as many people as possible who could be injured by flying debris if something goes wrong with the machine. It’s a good idea to wear a construction helmet and thick boots when operating any power washer, just in case you accidentally expose yourself to high-pressure water.

Pressure washers are powerful machines that can be dangerous if used incorrectly. If you’re looking to purchase a pressure cleaner, make sure you know exactly how to use one first. This will help you to maintain control of the machine at all times. So, before using a pressure washer, make sure you check for any leaks and fill up the machine with the proper fuel and oil. Good luck!

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