How to Use CBD Oil for Anxiety

What is CBD?

Cannabis is a group of plants that includes marijuana and hemp. Marijuana contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical responsible for psychological effects such as euphoria and paranoia whereas CBD (cannabidiol) comes from hemp. CBD can not provide any psychoactive effects associated with THC as it does not contain any ingredients to allow any “high” feelings. CBD helps with several conditions to aid in decreasing anxiety, sleep disorders, pain relief, reduce inflammation, manage chronic conditions and more. CBD allows you to resume daily activities as it focuses on alleviating symptoms and does not have any intoxicating features.

What are the different forms of CBD?

CBD comes in various forms: oils, tinctures (bottled CBD), edibles, flowers, capsules, oral sprays, vaporizers, creams, and lotions.

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil, all with an alcohol or glycerin oil base. CBD oil is a quick and efficient way to reap the benefits of CBD. It can be swallowed on its own or added to a drink. We would suggest you to visit this site to learn more about the benefits of CBD oil before you Shop cbd oil.

CBD edibles are treats containing CBD. These include chocolate, gummies, lollipops, krispies, brownies, cookies, and more. CBD edibles can be eaten anywhere at any time. With more knowledge of CBD becoming available, more companies are making efforts to create more delicious options.

CBD flowers can be added to hot water to make your own tea. Don’t be fooled, although CBD hemp flowers look, taste, and smell very similar to marijuana due to their botanical compounds called terpenes, they still result in non-psychoactive results. CBD flowers can also be smoked or vaped which work faster as smoking allows immediate full lung absorption. Inhaling CBD flowers increases the rate of travel to your bloodstream allowing more immediate effects to take place.

Where vaporizers are inhaled, capsules and oral sprays can be swallowed. Capsules and oral sprays, like oils and edibles, are a convenient way to use CBD as it is less work than other options and can be easily taken anywhere.

Creams and lotions with CBD are topically applied to the skin and are usually used for muscle relaxation, arthritis, skin inflammation, etc. Be sure to check individual packaging for prescribed use.

CBD oil for Anxiety

Now you know what CBD oil is and how it can be consumed, let’s explore its benefits for dealing with anxiety. Anxiety and depression although not always, does sometimes go hand in hand. Luckily, CBD can help reduce both anxiety and depression symptoms.

CBD changes how our brain receptors respond to our brain’s chemical called serotonin. Serotonin is our brain’s happy chemical as it is known to balance our moods allowing us to feel a calm joy. Because CBD influences serotonin to make our body feel more calm, it can reduce anxiety symptoms. When our brain receives anxiety signals, CBD interferes with our own serotonin making us feel peace instead of worry.

Many studies have shown that CBD, compared to anxiety patients who did not take CBD, had more significant calming effects. This allowed patients to go about their daily activities or handle situations with more emotional regulation. CBD also relieves the effects of anxiety like depression, headaches, heart palpitations, fatigue, blood pressure, panic attacks, irritability, muscle aches and pains, stomach aches, and conditions exacerbated by those effects.

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