How to Utilize the Internet to Grow Your Business

If you are a small business owner or manager, you may have read many articles about advanced SEO techniques. While many of those articles contain useful advice, if you do not have the basics right, you are wasting your time trying to apply them to your site. Precision Brands Digital Marketing Agency recommends you stop and consider these eight practical marketing techniques.

Create a Responsive Site

Quit giving your competition the edge and create a responsive website that connects with your target audience through each step of the sales funnel. Your website is often a customer’s first introduction to your company. Having an unresponsive website costs you many opportunities to connect with your target audience because your site will not display correctly on their device. Almost 95% of all customers will at least research on their mobile device before making a purchase. Unless you have figured out how to live off 5% of your possible sales, you need to take care of this today to give those customers a favorable impression.

Employ Long-tail keywords

Create a list of all the keywords that customers might use to describe your company or the products that you sell. Then, try adding your city name to the entries in your keyword list. There are also other options that you can use to create long-tail keywords. Now, employ those long-tail keywords on your site. Your regularly updated blog is a great place to start using them.

Use Tools When Creating Facebook Ads

If you are not using tools when creating your Facebook advertising, you lose out to your competition. Power Editor does the routine work for you, like placing your bids based on your set criteria. That gives you more time to get creative in developing effective ads- check out the best cbd ads on facebook. Facebook ads, when done right, will surely deliver a higher conversion rate than your current one.

Draw Attention Where You Want It to Be

Your graphic design website team already has done a lot of work to get your target audience to look at what they want them to see, but you need to be doing the same thing in other locations. For example, use bullet lists to draw attention to your social media postings’ essential information, like your critical skills on your LinkedIn profile.

Create Backlinks to Your Website

You can raise your site’s domain authority and its ranking by having a better backlink profile. A great place to do that is by incorporating links to your website on your LinkedIn profile. You may also want to point a customer to a contact us form when they leave you a less than stellar review on Google.

Use Email Autoresponders

If you are building a subscription list, use an email autoresponder to contact a person who has willingly shared their information immediately. The email should contain something that they will find valuable, such as a percent-off coupon. If you are creating more than one list, make sure you tie it to each list specifically.

Build Your Reputation by Using Twitter

You must work on developing your online reputation. Use Twitter to connect with industry insiders and make them take notice of your content by offering well-thought-out, unique perspectives.

Remarketing Works

Make a conscious effort to connect with potential customers who chose not to hit the buy button yet in any way possible. Use Facebook custom audiences, Google Ads, and email marketing to continue to reach these people, and soon they will become satisfied customers.

Apply these eight practical marketing techniques to your business today and watch your return-on-investment zoom up.