How to write an invitation letter to Canada?

If you want to visit Canada for a short period, usually 6 months or less, you may need a temporary Canadian visa. The visiting purposes can be different, such as; visiting family, tourism, business purposes, etc.

In some cases, if you apply for a temporary visa, then the Canadian embassy will request to write an invitation letter to Canada. So, it is very important to know how to write an invitation letter. In the following part, we will discuss an invitation letter. So keep reading to learn more!

What Is the Invitation Letter to Canada?

In simple words, an invitation letter is a visitor visa for Canada. It is a letter of invitation from someone you know in Canada. That inviter can be your friends, family, business partner. And the invitation must be from someone whom you have a very good relationship with because he or she has to prove your identity and purpose.

The invitation is just an appeal from a person in Canada asking the Canadian authority to allow you to visit Canada. That inviter also represents you as your guarantor and make sure that your intention of visiting is good. Also, if someone visits through the invitation, then they cannot overstay in Canada.

Who Can Write The Invitation Letter?

As we mentioned above, anyone living in Canada can write an invitation letter. Again, this can also be someone with whom you have a very good relationship. This can be your friends, any family member, or your business partner.

A very important requirement for the inviter is that he or she has to be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada. And the main point of inviting is that they can make sure that you are not an illegal immigrant. Besides, the person who is inviting must have a very good social status and a standard job.

The Requirements For An Invitation Letter:

There are some requirements for writing an invitation letter. And one must meet all those requirements to get a Canadian visa through the invitation letter. The person who is writing an invitation letter has to mention all the details of the individual.

Nonetheless, it’s your risk if there are some wrong intentions to visit Canada. The worse thing that can happen is your Canadian visa also can get void. So below are some sets of requirements that you need to write an invitation letter.

  • The detail information of an applicant;
  • The inviter’s detail (i.e., who is writing the invitation letter)
  • Additional information for the super visa.

1. The detail information of the applicant:

The invitation letter should include all the information about the visa applicant in detail. The information of the visa applicant includes the following;

  • First name, middle and last name;
  • Contact information (i.e., phone number, email address)
  • Date of birth;
  • present and permanent address;
  • The relationship between the applicant and the person who is inviting;
  • The purpose of traveling to Canada;
  • The duration of the travel
  • Where they will stay in Canada and the financial support
  • When they will arrive in Canada and when they will leave.

2. The detail information of the inviter:

In order to get a visitor visa, it is also very important to mention all the detail information of the inviter in the inviting letter. And the information must include the following factors:

  • The first name, middle, and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Contact information (i.e. Mobile number and email address);
  • Present address and permanent address in Canada;
  • The valid status in Canada (if they are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada)
  • Canadian citizenship or permanent resident card if the inverter is a citizen;
  • If the person was born in Canada, then the birthplace information;
  • A valid copy of their Permanent Resident card
  • Their current job designation;
  • The total number of people who are living in their house

3. Any additional information for the super visa:

A super visa is basically for the parents or the grandparents who wish to visit and stay in Canada for more than six months. The validity of a super visa is usually longer than any other temporary visa. So, additional information is essential to get this visa.

In order to invite their parents or grandparents, one should include all the information about them. That information includes;

  • A declaration where it will be clearly mentioned that the financial support of your parents or grandparents would be yours. This declaration can be in written and signed form;
  • And valid Proof and documents that you have enough to back them up while they will be staying in Canada, include your other family members.

Where to send an Invitation Letter?

The invitation letter should be notarized. And this letter should be signed and dated by the inviter of the applicant. It is not necessary that the letter has to be a separate document from the rest of the application. If necessary, then you can go through the Canadian Consulate process.

The applicant when they will submit the rest of the application, the letter also should be attracted to it. And you have to submit that letter to the Canadian Consulate. If you are applying online, then scanned it to a PDF version and submitted it along with the application.

The bottom line:

Visiting or traveling Canada through an invitation letter can be much easier than the normal process. In order to get a visa, you have to meet some requirements. If you know the correct way of doing it, then it is an easy and convenient process.

If you are still confused about writing an invitation letter to Canada, ask any professionals. And the details mentioned above information also can help you out to write an invitation letter for a Canadian visa.