How You Can Bring in the New Year in Style with the Best Party Theme


Whilst Christmas is indeed just around the corner, and many of us can’t wait to celebrate this most festive day, most of us are keen on celebrating the arrival of the new year as well. New Year’s Eve parties are a great way to welcome the future and what it may bring, and 2022 is particularly special because – as you may have guessed – we can spend time with our loved ones once again, and the era of lockdowns and restrictions has passed. So if you are planning to have a New Year party to celebrate another milestone along with it, such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, and so on – you can bring in the new year in style with the best party theme. But which party themes should you even consider? Here’s your list.

1. A champagne New Year

The New Year deserves a toast and a cheer, and you can welcome its arrival with lots and lots of champagne. Whether you’re hosting the party at your home or another venue, you can decorate it with a gold colour palette in mind, from curtains with gold fringe to gold balloons and lots of glitter. You can splurge even more by featuring champagne in your other menu offerings, like cupcakes made with champagne!

2. A winter wonderland

Winter wonderland is a classic theme that everyone loves, and you can amaze your guests with your very own winter wonderland venue bedecked with fake snow, beautiful paper snowflakes, garlands and wreaths of fresh pine and silver tablecloths and chairs. You can give it an even more fantastic wonderland feel with a beverage list that includes eggnog and hot chocolate (complete with marshmallows) – and mulled wine, of course.

3. A decades tribute party 

Here’s another idea: why not have a decades tribute party? This theme is relatively novel, but it’s sure to catch on. You can ask your attendees and guests to dress up in various costumes and outfits from their favourite decade, whether it’s the 60s, 70s, 20s, and more. Then, to add more fun to the theme, decorate your venue with cool vintage and retro décor, and bring out the vinyl records for a night of amazing tunes from different eras!

4. A carnival and funfair theme

You can make your party an event to remember with one theme alone: a carnival and funfair theme. It’s a great theme for the young and not-so-young, and guests who don’t want to leave their children with a babysitter on such a night can bring their kiddos to the party without a worry. The theme speaks for itself – and you can level it up with side stalls and even rides! Then, with help from a funfair and carnival specialist, such as, you can make the party as modern or as vintage as you want. What’s more, it’s easy to decide on the food for this theme, and your guests will undoubtedly enjoy classic carnival fare, which brings on the nostalgia like no other.

5. A pyjama party 

You can make spending time indoors during the New Year celebrations even cosier by hosting a pyjama party and asking your guests to come in their most comfortable PJs. Then, make it more memorable with soft blankets and cushions spread around, hot cocoa, and lots of scrumptious (and comforting!) desserts.

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