Hyde Disposable Vape – One of The Best Options for Newbies

The market for vape devices has never been stronger. New brands seem to appear constantly, yet some have forged a reputation for excellent quality at great prices. One of the most popular of these is Hyde which offers a vast array of different products and flavors.

We want to talk about disposable vape pens, and why they may be the best option for people who are looking to start vaping and see if it is for them. We’ve picked three from the Hyde range, so we’ll have a closer look at them, but first let us explain how a vape pen works in simple terms.

All About Vape Pens

We’ll keep this brief as we want to talk about the Hyde range but suffice to say a disposable vape pen is the cheapest route into the world of vaping. These are the simplest design – and you’ll notice they don’t resemble a pen, that’s just a name that stuck – consisting of a refillable compartment, a battery, an atomizer, and the electronics that make things happen, all neatly packed in a plastic or metal body.

You simply follow the instructions, the battery powers the atomizer which heats the e-liquid to a point where it becomes vapor, then you inhale! It really is that simple, so let’s talk about three popular models from the Hyde vape range.

Hyde Edge Rave Recharge

The Hyde Edge Rave Recharge is a good example of a disposable vape. Why are we suggesting disposables as a starter’s device? Put simply, the disposable examples are cheaper than the more sophisticated and permanent options, and if you are not already vaping you may not want to pay full price and then discover it is not for you.

The Hyde Edge Rave Recharge provides up to 4000 puffs before you need to refill it – not all disposable vapes are refillable, yet Hyde offers several that are – which is a good level of capacity for a beginner. The device is available in a fabulous collection of flavors, is nicely made, and features adjustable airflow for greater versatility.

Hyde Edge Recharge

Hyde Disposable Vape - One of The Best Options for Newbi

This model – the Hyde Edge Recharge – is a similar size and design to that above. It’s also a refillable model and gives you 3300 puffs from a good-sized capacity chamber. Easy to use and surprisingly cheap, it’s well made as we have come to expect from Hyde and feels nicely designed in the hand.

Once again, a simply comprehensive range of flavors puts Hyde in front of the opposition and is a major reason why this brand is making great headway in what is a competitive market. We recommend this model as an excellent choice for beginners, and if you find you enjoy vaping you may want to check out some of the more sophisticated models.

Hyde Rebel Pro

Providing a massive 5000 puffs – the greatest capacity in a disposable vape device that we have seen – is the Hyde Rebel Pro. This is one of the most popular of all the vape devices in the Hyde range and comes complete with the usual choice of fantastic flavors. Hyde devices are color coded to the flavor within, so they actually look pretty cool, and this is typically simple, affordable, and stylish vape pen that is great to use.


While Hyde is a great brand there are others you might want to check out that also offer a great choice. We do recommend that you begin with a disposable vape as it is the most cost-effective method of trying vaping to see if it is something you want to continue.