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The Big Apple, The Big City, or even The Financial Capital Of The World – New York is home to more than 800 million people. Boasting incredible architecture, eye-watering scenery, and attractions that visitors flock to from across the globe – it’s no surprise that it’s such a popular place. Plus, over the years, it’s been picked by a number of film and TV producers for its range of filming locations. Here, we reveal some of the most iconic.

West Village

We can’t not start with the Friends Apartment Block. Having aired from 1994 – 2004, Friends followed the lives of six friends in Manhattan, and the building where they stayed can be found at the intersection of Grove Street and Bedford Street. While you might not be able to visit inside the building, it’s just a 10-minute walk from the subway station, and, whatever time of day you visit, you’ll probably spot some fans snapping away!

The financial district

Manhattan’s financial district has appeared in a number of films, including The Godfather in 1972, Die Hard: With A Vengeance in 1995, and, more recently, the 2008 Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Here, we saw Batman played by Christian Bale as he raced around Gotham City in search of his arch-enemies – The Joker, Two-Face, and Luscious Fox – all of whom have an interesting backstory and wicked disguise.. So, if you still haven’t seen it yet, the fascinating characters, as well as the stunning locations, are two good reasons to catch up! The Gotham City Stock Exchange is actually the JP Morgan Building on 23rd Wall Street.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

Located in Central Park, it’s hardly surprising that this beautiful fountain has been featured in so many films. It’s actually one of the largest in New York and measures 26 feet high and 96 feet wide. You might notice the angel wings from the festive film, Elf, when the sleigh’s engine gets caught and tears away. That’s not the only Hollywood blockbuster to have been shot around here, though, as others have included When Harry Met Sally and Enchanted.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Also known as The Met, this frequent filming location can be found on Fifth Avenue close to Central Park. Inside, you can explore one of the biggest art galleries in the world. The building itself stretches for nearly a quarter of a mile and there are more than two million items inside. Again, When Harry Met Sally filmed some scenes here, and the outside was also used in The Thomas Crown Affair when Pierce Brosnan steals a famous painting. The Met didn’t want to associate their brand with a robbery though, so only the exterior was allowed to be used.

The Plaza Hotel

Possibly one of the most famous hotels in New York, The Plaza sits at the bottom of Central Park and was first opened in 1907. You’ll best recognize it from Home Alone where Macaulay Culkin stays for a night. That’s not the only film it’s made an appearance in – Bride Wars, The Great Gatsby, and Crocodile Dundee all chose to film here too.
Of course, these are just a handful of iconic filming locations in New York. Other popular places include The Public Library, the Empire State Building, The Rockefeller Center, and even the Staten Island Ferry. One thing’s for sure, New York has a lot to offer producers and directors and we think we’ll be seeing it for a good few years yet.

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