Important Things to Know in Choosing the Perfect Camping Tent


There are lots of reasons why people camp. According to an article by Huff Post, being one with nature is good for your physical, mental, and emotional health. So, what better way to spend time in nature and fully experience these benefits than go camping? 

However, going camping is not a walk in the park. It would be best if you prepared ahead for your camping trip to make the most out of it, starting with choosing the perfect camping tent

How Big Should Your Tent Be?

Consider the capacity your tent would provide. When taking account of your tent’s capacity rating, consider the following:

  • How big or small are the people who would use it.

In choosing a tent, you would have to analyse its floor, length and its doors. It is also nicer to upsize your tent by 1-2 people higher than the number of people who will use it to give you enough elbow room as a rule of thumb.

  • Are you bringing a pet or a child with you?

If you are camping with youngsters, you might want to consider opting for a multi-room camping tent, where the rooms are nicely divided by a zippered wall that would provide everyone with a little privacy. 

Multi-room tents are also perfect if you require extra storage space to set up a table and some chairs in case of rain. You could also utilise the extra room for when you have to change into some new clothes. 

What Kind of Tent Should You Buy?

There are five types of tents for every occasion. Depending on the season, it is best to use the most appropriate type of tent to suit your camping experience.

1 Season Tents

These are the very basic types of tents. They are perfect for warm and sunny days. Because this type of tent is intended for the summer season, a 1 season tent is not waterproof. It is thin and usually comes without a rainfly. 

2 Season Tents

Most camping virtuosos would rank 1 season and 2 season tents as equal things since it is not meant to endure much weather conditions. However, this is a great choice for casual solo backpacking because it is lightweight and provides great ventilation.

3 Season Tents

This type of tent is in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ of all tents. A 3-season tent is the most adaptable tent, for it could withstand harsh rainstorms while providing cool ventilation. Three season tents should be comfortable enough to be used during summertime, spring, and fall. 

4 Season Tents

This tent’s labelling is probably the trickiest rating. 4 season tents do not necessarily mean it is intended for four seasons. This type of tent is particularly designed for winter and is not meant for extremely warm climates.

5 Season Tents

This sort of tent is specially built for professional usage. Because these tents are termed ‘virtually indestructible,’ the price of these tents are at a premium, and you wouldn’t even think of purchasing this type of tent unless you are an experienced or a striving professional camper. 

In conclusion, not all camping tents are equal. It is best to plan and know your purpose in buying an appropriate tent. Invest in equipping yourself with the right kind of tent before going camping to fully experience a safe and fun-filled camping adventure!

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