Important Tips for Owning a Pool Cover


You spent dollars on your last pool cover and now wondering why it lasted for only six months? Worry not! Here are some fantastic tips that can be used to make your best quality pool covers last. With the help of these, you can easily take care of your pool covers, so they last forever. 

 1.Storing your pool Cover

Store your cover away by folding it in half and leave it standing up with the zip area facing downwards. By doing this, the moisture between the outer cover and the foam will drain out through the zips. You can open the zips if you want; however, be careful when using the zips as they can easily get damaged.

2.Pool cover zips

Spray the zip slider area with a silicone spray every 6 months to prevent the built-up dirt, moss, or grime that will seize the zips in time.

3.Pool cover handles

If possible, avoid using the handle. You can easily operate the cover by picking it up by the skirt. Think of the handles as completely useless if you want a long and happy life on your cover.

4.Pool cover protection

Your pool cover’s marine vinyl covering is UV resistant, but the portion that faces the water isn’t. As a result, never leave your cover out in direct sunlight. Carefully cover the shade with something or store it in the shade if possible. In the sun, this underside substance will degrade quickly. You can visit Just Covers for the best quality covers at the most affordable prices. 

5.Pool covers and dogs

Dogs think of the pool covers as huge chewing toys. If your dog is less than a year old or is not properly trained and can easily access your pool area, then you are in big trouble. You will always come home to a horrible mess of polystyrene, vinyl, and plastic. So before spending your hard-earned money on anything like this, consider tackling this problem in advance.

6.Pool cover strength

A higher-density pool cover is highly preferable if you can afford it. As these covers are approximately 5kg heavier for the average pool, the benefits will probably override any drawbacks. A high-density cover supports more weight. It is less easily damaged and sturdy to handle. You just need to make sure to keep your pool area safe, and the rest of the job will be done by the cover.

7.Cleaning your Pool Cover

Spending money on the vinyl cleaner is useless; you can use lukewarm water and a light brush instead. There are a lot of pool cover manufacturers and hardware stores that provide services for cleaning the cover. Make sure to always keep your pool cover clean as it can deteriorate quicker than when left in sunlight.

Just by following simple maintenance techniques, you can increase the life of your pool covers. You can look online for the best custom-made pool covers from the trusted suppliers so you can take care of your pool. We suggest you explore different types of converses before buying anyone. 

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