In search of the best real money casinos online

It is no secret that the online gambling industry has become very popular in recent years. With the constant development in technology there are now multiple options for those who wish to play at casinos online during their leisure time. There are for example real money online casinos in NZ, that offer the thrill of betting money. However, it might not always be easy to find the right option among all the games available on today’s market.

What are real money casinos?

Real money casinos are those casinos where you bet actual money for the games, or by simplifying – the most traditional type of casino. There are also other options on the market, where you can play with virtual money, but here, there is no chance to win real cash prizes.

The ones based on virtual money can be a good starter for those who are new to gambling and wish to gain deeper knowledge about the games and how you play them. However, for experienced players and those who wish to experience the excitement of betting your own money, real money casinos are preferable.

Additionally, there is a greater variation and selection in games when choosing real money online casinos, making it easier to find an option suitable for your experience level and interest. There are also bigger bonuses to receive, as well as the possibility to join the different loyalty programs offered. These programs usually give out points for played games, and you have greater possibilities of winning larger cash prizes.

What to consider when choosing a real money casino?

There are some things to consider when choosing a good real money casino, especially when you are new to the gambling world.

1. Licenses

Something that many times is overlooked by beginners, is to check whether the casino you wish to play at has a license. A license is a proof that the online casino has a legitimate business and that every player has the same chances of winning.  In other words – that no games are rigged.

The license must be provided to the online casino by a gambling authority, and it can be one either within the country or offshore. There are many real money online casinos that have their licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority or by their own national equivalent.

2. Security

Since real money online casinos entail that you will be depositing and withdrawing money, it is important to make sure that the casino of choice is secure. Many online casinos have a SSL-encryption, meaning that your data is encrypted and not visible for others wishing to obtain your information.

It is very simple to check whether the casino has such encryption, simply by checking your browser. In the upper right corner, in the URL-bar, you can see a padlock – if it is there the site is secure. However, if the padlock is not visible, the recommendation is to check for another casino.

3. Customer service

A professional support team that can offer their customers help is very important, especially at online casinos where all games are online. There might for example occur unforeseen technical issues with withdrawals, and a support team will therefore come in handy. It is also a good resource of good information, where players can ask questions about specific games or just questions in general about the casino.

Many of the top ranked casinos online usually have a support team ready at all times of the day through either phone, mail or chat. It might therefore be a good idea to check how easily accessible the customer service is on the specific casino you wish to play at.

4. Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness goes hand in hand with licensing, security and the availability of a support team. However, even though the casinos still offer all these factors, it might still be good to check the trustworthiness in other ways too.

Trustworthiness can be checked in multiple ways, but the most common one is to simply check for user reviews. It gives you a clear picture from a player’s point of view. Usually, the top-rated online casinos will have a higher rate of positive reviews compared to a casino with a bad rating.

There are also multiple review websites online that solely focus on casino reviews. It might be good to take some time and read through these in order to gain more knowledge about which casinos are recommended, and which not.

5. Bonuses and their conditions

The primary benefit of a real money online casino are the bonuses. However, depending on the casino, the conditions to receive them might differ. In some cases, the bonuses have turnover requirements, meaning that money cannot be withdrawn before you have turned over your bonus a certain number of times.A recommendation is therefore to read the terms and conditions on each casino’s website to make sure you have all information needed.