Interesting sports movies, related to New York


New York is truly a sports fan’s dream, and anyone can find a team for themself. Also, where the sport is, there are some movies tied to it.

Since America is known as one of the most significant filmmakers, sports dramas are often stories about the characters and personalities and not about the topic. Hence the interest of mass audiences around the world.

That’s why we decided to tell you about two fascinating movies directly related to the New York sports scene and add some more which you can study yourself later.

Raging Bull (1980)

Jake LaMotta is a legendary character in the boxing world. It’s true that he’s not as heavily promoted as Muhhamad Ali, and the people who aren’t keen on sports might not know about this athlete. But LaMotta performed on the ring in the forties-fifties when his most remarkable achievement came. The boxer became the first to defeat Sugar Ray Robinson, who had a 40-0 record. Such statistics are tough to achieve, and the odds on such athletes might be too low since he’s winning so much. Some use the bonuses at sites like bookmaker ratings and maximize their profits to make a bet more effective.

A person of the same amount should shoot a movie about such a character. This is why famous director Martin Scorsese and Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro created a biographical story about LaMotta, named after his nickname: “Raging Bull.”

The American star decided to dive very deeply into the topic while preparing for the shooting. De Niro personally met with LaMotta and became close friends with him. The boxer hasn’t parted with the actor throughout the shooting process, admitted that Robert is a good fighter and wouldn’t mind becoming his manager or coach.

Robert De Niro also gained as much as 60 pounds for the movie, which was a record for that time. The actor also trained intensively and even had three real boxing matches in Brooklyn, from which he won two.

The result of such a close to realistic black and white two-hour picture, which received two Oscars, is a place in almost every list of the best movies. LaMotta admitted that “Raging Bull” made him realize how offensive he was. The boxer died in 2017, aged 97.

Mystery, Alaska (1999)

The audience can initially alienate the idea that this film is about hockey. But it isn’t worth bypassing because it isn’t a story about sports entirely, but about people. “Mystery, Alaska” is about a small-town community and how their life turned after the arrival of a super team from New York in an exhibition game.

They must unite to resist such a tremendous force, and the story is told so well that you start to believe in it, although it’s fictional. The casting team perhaps made the most significant contribution to this. Burt Reynolds as a team coach and Russel Crowe as John Biebe, a vital player for the squad, are great casting hits that seem alive, not another character. After watching a movie, it’s hard to imagine anyone in their position.

The film itself tells how the New York Rangers arrive in a small town for an exhibition game. The TV will broadcast it, the cameras and increased attention will surprise the residents. As a result, the team dramatically fights a top team from NY and loses in a tied game: 5-4.

Other notable movies

The Hustler (1961), Bang the Drum Slowly (1973), Above The Rim (1994), The Pride of the Yankees (1942).

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