Introducing Chiritas, a gentleman plant!


Years ago, when violets were at their peak, I was advising a greenhouse and commercializing its work. When I was checking the flowers one by one in those lullabies, I saw a flower with snake skin and a little bit like a violet.

I did not think that day when I would return from work I would be like a cave, all the prices go up and with that money I save everyone laughs and the flowers that were not seen one day will one day become the eyes of showcases and words. Greenhousee always having trouble to organise their pots and plants in a way that captures customers attention, thats, why we came up with the idea to bring the best quality and beautiful plant stands to help them have a much more organised and beautiful places.

In short, it was Primolina’s flower! This flower is very attractive, because the flower, which is similar to the violet in terms of rosette growth form, has a leaf color similar to epicia, leaves and flowers, and a spoon similar to Streptocarpus, another plant of this family. The leaf has a strong petiole compared to the strep, which prevents the leaves from hitting the ground!

The good thing about this flower is that we can combine all three plants together. It means that we bought all three of them, which is why this plant is so attractive. Now in Canada and Australia, every year, the violet family exhibition of really beautiful and attractive varieties and hybrids is unveiled, and there are our professors and friends who import and mass-produce them. Having a very minimal plant shelf can make any pots look sharper and add more beauty to any room.

Beautiful primrose

The person who prepares this flower is either looking for a collection or looking for a special flower! A person who has experienced violet! And experience my other flowers! I want to say that having a great shape to present at the meeting of this flower is the most important thing! If you buy a flower and after a while, it becomes full of leaves, full of children and stubble, its shape will fall apart! So I recommend that you are very stylish and have a house or a floor or a simple table.

A 40-watt cold moonlight reading lamp at a height of 50 cm above it should be turned on exactly so that the shadow does not grow or be crooked and the leaves do not grow short! But if you do not want to spend money, you can keep it next to the north window, which does not have strong light. Good light makes the snake skin of this flower clear and beautiful

Symmetrical and beautiful shape of the plant

Irrigation should be African violet, but in general, more resistant to dehydration than violet, it is better to pour water from the bottom of the pot to absorb well and be watered! Irrigation from above causes stains on the leaves, which again has a bad effect on the shape.

You can irrigate in the form of wicks, that is when planting a wick from the hole under the pot, and plant the flower in the pot so that the wick is next to the roots. It should be placed next to the crown, and then you should put the whole pot on a container of water so that the wick hangs from under the pot and is in the water!

According to the photo. The bad thing about this wick is that the soil becomes salty over time! And that not all soil nutrients are used well and only the wick area is used, and the fish should be washed from above with lemon juice or vinegar so that the salts do not accumulate and the tips of the leaves burn.


This flower is native to Thailand and Vietnam, and gentlemen often go there for pilgrimage and travel a lot; There is a tropical area and the temperature does not drop much, but according to experience, the best temperature for this flower is the temperature that is above 25 degrees and you do not feel hot and clumsy!

He has a special interest in heat and grows more in heat, but if the weather warms up, watering will increase, this morality has led to epicia. But if there is a wick that is comfortable for irrigation, always fill the container with water, even cold air. Which will definitely ruin Golton and Shoukhsh is not beautiful at all.


Friends of Vietnam is a humid and sultry region and this flower is the most important point of this humidity, what distinguishes it from the rest of its families is the high humidity requirement. A container of water must be next to it! Or eat cold near it when the humidity is above 50%. Bring timber and wooden pot stand can help you add more humidity to your pots. The humidity must be above 50% for flowering, otherwise, the flower will not be proud to rise at all! That is, it flowers but its flower does not open. So in addition to nourishing moisture also plays an important role in flowering.


African violet soil is the best for this flower! Just do not mix garden soil with animal manure. For this closed tongue, collectors know what soil to dig, but for the rest of the loved ones who like to have this throat, I suggest that you prepare Dutch soil ready for consumption in the market.


Flowering friends are subject to several issues, first of all, some hybrids, because of their hybrid discussion, their flowering is slow, especially those that are a little slower than others! Secondly, the size of the gold brush is very important!

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