Introduction to Pottery – How to Make Amazing Homemade Plates


Pottery is an art practiced by skilled artisans. But it can also be a hobby that you can enjoy at home. The easiest items to make are plates because you do not need to spin the clay on a pottery wheel. Anyone can make amazing plates at home during their free time with a little dedication.

So, how do you go about this? Well, this guide is suitable for beginners and can also help those who have been making pottery at home to become better. That said, let us dive into this guide so that you can get started as soon as possible.

What Is Pottery?

First things first, let’s have a look at what pottery is. As mentioned, pottery is an art that involves crafting various items such as plates from different types of clay. In the event that you are making plates, you will need a rolling surface and a few other tools. Once the items are ready and have dried naturally, they are then finished with glazes and fired in a kiln.

Pottery can be an amazing hobby, especially when done at home. However, there are professional pottery shops where you can meet other pottery enthusiasts to learn more and also sample their dinnerware. As a beginner, you can try the Supper Club plates to discover samples of what you can make at home once you hone your skills.

Preparing to Make Plates at Home

The preparations are very essential if you want to make any of the above plates. This means gathering all the needed tools, creating a working surface, and most importantly, buying the right clay and glazes. In a nutshell, here are the necessary preparations to make.

  •       Clay and glazes – It is good to start with the raw products that you need to make amazing homemade plates. Clay comes in different types such as earthenware, ceramic, kaolinite, porcelain, and stoneware among others. Glazes come in different colors and textures depending on what you want to achieve.
  •       Working surface and rollers – The main tools when making plates are the roller and the surface. While you need to buy the rollers together with other tools that we will mention, you can convert one of the work surfaces in your home for your pottery work.
  •       Cutting and shaping tools – Making amazing plates at home requires many other tools. They include cutting wire, knives and blades, shaping tools, and others. It is easy to get these tools as a set from a craft store near you. What’s more, you can improvise some of them at home if you are innovative enough.
  •       A kiln – Traditional kilns use charcoal or firewood, but there are more modern kilns that use either gas or electricity. All you need is to look for a small and affordable kiln that will suit your needs perfectly.

Different Types of Plates That You Can Make

With all these tools, there are numerous varieties of plates that you can make at home. Apart from the large dinner plates, you can also try platters, soup plates, smaller side plates, and pasta or fish plates that come in different shapes.

The good thing about crafting plates at home is that you can be as creative as possible. Therefore, the shapes and final textures of your plates can be very authentic. This is why you should take time to research the plates, check different video tutorials, buy some handmade plates from other pottery enthusiasts, and even attend some pottery classes.

You also need to know that making plates is not easy and requires a lot of attention and creativity. The process comes with a lot of mistakes and errors initially, but things start to become better as you practice more.

How to Make the Plates

The process starts with gathering all the materials and tools. Additionally, bring your tutorial if you need one. You have to knead the clay and mix it well as instructed before rolling it into a flat sheet.

The next step is cutting and shaping your plates as desired. You can also form them into other shapes, especially for pasta and fish plates, while adding base rings and other features. Additionally, you can stamp them if you want to.

Let the plates dry naturally before glazing them and firing them in your kiln. This simple process will give you amazing plates that are not only authentic but also durable.

Final Words

Plates are the most useful crockery you can have at home. The good thing about making plates at home is that you will create a variety of plates that are very authentic. This means that you can make them according to your décor theme and other preferences. Now that you know, it is time to get started.

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