It Can Be One Event, But There Can Be Different Corporate Speakers!


Corporate events can be as diverse as conferences, seminars, trade shows, parties, etc. Likewise, speakers for these platforms can be different. Just as you need to know whether it’s an internal or external conference or leadership retreat, you have to figure out who can be the suitable speaker for it – someone of local, national, or international reputation. Usually, the selection of a speaker becomes easy if you have already closed on the meeting’s theme, structure, and objective. Every event requires different or a combination of these speakers, such as emcees, keynote speakers, guest speakers, and plenary speakers. Let’s look at their roles to understand who can be the best fit for a specific event.


An emcee or the Master of Ceremonies keeps the event or program moving smoothly while engaging the audience. An emcee typically introduces speakers and helps run planned activities to keep the event flowing without any hassle. A good emcee will have a stage presence. His articulation and speaking skills will work like a charm, suitable for the corporate environment. And if you hire a top-notch speaker, he can think on their feet in case of any unanticipated delays or problems. You can expect the emcee to familiarize you with the event’s tactical parts, such as the location of the breakout sessions, programs, fire safety rules, lunchtime, etc. Someone like Adam Christing Emcee, can add an effortless personalized touch to the event to make everyone feel welcome.

Keynote speaker

A keynote speaker gives a speech at a noteworthy event, such as a conference or convention. A proficient keynote speaker can define the event’s mood and impress the guests well with their motivation, humor, or industry knowledge. The act of addressing the audience can occur in the opening or closing session, which is often the event’s most memorable and influential part.

Guest speaker

You can expect guest speakers to provide interesting first-hand insights and industry knowledge. They can educate and entertain the audience by infusing a touch of credibility into the event. Companies usually select industry experts for this speaking as they can discuss new government policies, leadership styles, technologies, and much more. If you have a section where guest speakers can be the best fit, look for someone who can speak on emotional intelligence, conflict management, and more. The best time to include them in the event is the breakout session when a small group of people will be available. The session can become more interactive because of the focus on a specific topic.

Plenary speaker

The speech is usually about the organization’s vision, values, and mission. It is an opportunity for the company to inspire its employees and motivate them to work harder. The speaker doesn’t have to be a great public speaker, though. This person can be someone from within the company. Some of the best people for this part can be CEOs, executive directors, etc.

Anyway, the event’s beginning and wrap-up parts can be most crucial. You cannot afford to go wrong in these areas at all.


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