Just Why Exactly Are Live Casino Games So Popular?


Casino games have always had a place in many people’s hearts and they’ve evolved into sophisticated online game hubs that support all sorts of different game types. They have thousands of different fast-paced, easy-going online slots to enjoy if players are after something quick and easy. But for those that fancy a game more strategic and involved, there’s a whole different category of game: Live casino games, like those you can find at angkasa slot 138, where the excitement of real-time play is just a click away.

When you play on real money live casinos you get some of the most exhilarating gameplay you can find at a casino. Technology has progressed to make these experiences as close as possible to stepping foot in a land-based casino. Could this be the reason why they’re so popular? We’re going to take a closer look at just why these live games have become players’ favourites.

The authentic factor

Before live casino games were a thing, the closest you could get to going down to your actual casino and playing table games was the video version of them. Whilst these did have some great features – rapid gameplay, convenience and some variety – they just didn’t match up.

Software developers and online casinos really struggled to match the authentic feeling of playing in a casino. There was no atmosphere and the visuals of video baccarat and video blackjack just didn’t hit the mark.

And then live casino streaming technology came along. This tech changed the whole game. Software giants like Evolution Gaming devoted money, time and energy to creating the most realistic casino environments possible. This allows players to get as close to the real atmosphere of a casino as physically possible – you’ll be having real dealers talk to you and see them actually deal the cards, all in a realistic casino set. Some software developers even stream their games from the backroom of actual casinos!

Quality streaming

Another reason why these live casino games are hits is that players aren’t just stuck watching one camera angle. Games now have multiple angles set up so you can see the action from all sides.

Take a game of Blackjack for example. One camera may be focused tight on the table. Another may have the dealer in the shot and then another angle will be wide so you can see everything. Some games even have 14 different cameras streaming them so you never miss a beat.

Not only does this allow you optimal experience, but it also aids in building trust with online casinos. You know there’s no dodgy business going on as you can see every move the dealer makes, from filling the card shoe with decks to collecting the hands back after a round.

Seamlessly play on mobile

Many online casino players like to enjoy their live games whilst on the go. The freedom of not being confined to sitting at a desktop or laptop is something that pretty much every online casino allows – almost all live casino games are built to allow for seamless mobile play.

The great thing is that these games are adapted to be played on smaller screens. The interface is flexible, allowing for great gaming no matter what size the screen you’re playing on.


A big draw for land-based casino games is the fact you can interact with the dealer. They like the back and forth, banter and chat with dealers as they play – it can help players ease into a game and get into their stride.

Live casino games have progressed to the point where that is also possible. You can chat with dealers and get help from them if you need it. This gives the games a more personal touch than just mindlessly pressing spin on an online slot game.

The social factor

Coming off the back of interactivity, we have the social factor. Many online casinos will add a chat room function so that the players can not only talk to the dealer, but also amongst themselves.

This is great, as players can give hints to each other, praise each other’s wins and even make fast friends – just like being around a table at a land-based casino.

Huge choice

Finally, there’s an incredible amount of choice in live casino gaming now. You can find hundreds of different games at online casinos. These range from different versions of classic games such as Baccarat, Blackjack and roulette for all kinds of players, to the newer live games such as live games shows like the Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly.

Players are almost guaranteed to never be bored – you can hop from an intense hand of Blackjack to trying your luck on the Wheel of Fortune in just a few clicks – talk about time-saving!


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