Limo Accident: Who Is Responsible For Your Injury?


Contacting Attorney

After a limo accident, an attorney should be your first point of call. According to the legal specialists from, an attorney will help you to determine fault, and will then fight for you to get the compensation that you deserve. Before hiring a lawyer, take the time to do your research and find the one who’s most qualified and experienced in your area. An inexperienced lawyer can be a nightmare to work with.

Driver’s Negligence

The most common cause of limousine accidents is negligence on the part of the limo driver. However, it can be hard to prove this without strong evidence (i.e., a video or photo). Limo drivers, even when at fault, tend not to take responsibility, because an accident could lose them their job.  One of the most effective ways of determining fault in an accident is to contact a lawyer, as mentioned previously. A lawyer will be able to conduct an investigation, view local CCTV cameras, and pinpoint exactly who was responsible for causing the accident and in turn, your injuries.

Driver’s Negligence

Careless Road Users

Careless road users are also another common cause of limousine accidents. It’s a lot easier to identify when a careless road user is at fault than when a driver is at fault. The reason for this is that there will be other people on the road who witnessed the accident, dash cam footage potentially, and also your testimony. It is also worth noting that if another driver collides with the limo that you are riding in, then there will be clear signs on the limo. The site of the impact will be dented and marked with the other car’s paint, clearly showing they were at fault.

Unavoidable Accidents

Sometimes, accidents can’t be avoided. Limos are very large vehicles, which can make it very difficult to move them around. However, regardless of whether or not an accident was unavoidable, you are still entitled to compensation. By virtue of the fact that you were not driving the vehicle, you can claim compensation back from the company which you leased it from. If the accident was caused by another driver, then you can claim compensation from them, instead. As mentioned earlier, the best way to determine fault is to work with a lawyer. A lawyer will be able to identify the culprit more easily.

Acquiring Evidence

Immediately after an accident if you are not too injured, you should try and get evidence. The best evidence that you can get is photographic or video. Having a photograph or video of the accident can make it a lot easier to determine fault. Also, if the accident takes place in a remote area, then having evidence will make it a lot easier to prove your case, too. If there is no CCTV for your attorney to look at, then they won’t be able to prove fault as easily as they would if there were photos or videos.

Having Patience

Throughout your case, you need to be patient. No personal injury case resolves quickly. Sometimes, they can take months, or even more than a year. Your lawyer will handle everything for you. All you need to do is to sit back, relax, and recover from your injuries. If you try to micromanage your case (as in you constantly call your lawyer, nag them, or harass them) then they will probably consider dropping you as a client. You need to remember your lawyer will be dealing with many other cases, they cannot devote all of their time to yours.

Being Truthful

Also, be as honest as possible. It is natural to want to exaggerate one’s injuries, especially if they were caused by another person’s negligence. However, exaggerating your injuries is just lying. If you exaggerate when you are giving a statement to your lawyer, this could negatively impact the outcome of your case. The insurance company from whom your lawyer claims compensation will appoint an adjuster, whose job it is to push down the amount of compensation that you get paid by as much as possible. If they discover that you have lied in any way, then they will refuse to pay you anything.

Limo accidents can result in very serious injuries, mainly because the people in the back of them tend to be partying, and not wearing seatbelts. If you plan on hiring a limo, then it’s a good idea to know what to do in case an accident does happen. This post’s guidance will help you to figure out what steps you should take


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