Medical Tourism – Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

When you are thinking about a way to combine undergoing a bariatric surgery, such as gastric sleeve with a chance to see a beautiful oriental place and have a small vacation at the same time, gastric sleeve Turkey is definitely a great option for you to consider. Turkey is well known for its rich history, beautiful landscapes, culture, luxurious resorts and affordable prices. In the recent years, more and more people choose this country not only as their travel destination but also as a place where they can undergo an affordable bariatric or dental surgery. Weight loss surgeries in Turkey are the most popular type of medical procedures chosen by patients from Western Europe.

What makes medical tourism so popular?

Medical tourists are people who travel abroad to find the best quality and affordable medical treatment. Patients from Europe and the US find medical tourism more and more attractive. In the past, travelling to the highly developed western countries was the only option for people from less-developed countries who wanted to find the innovative treatment methods unavailable in their countries. In the recent years, we can see a shift in medical tourism destinations. Now, people from the developed countries in Western Europe travel to countries like Turkey, Poland and Czech Republic find the best medical treatment in the most attractive price.

Do I need a bariatric surgery?

This is a very important question many people struggling with their weight ask. People often have problems with telling the difference between the term “obesity” and “overweight”. Both are used in the social media and television, but their meaning is rarely explained. We can define both obesity and overweight as excessive amount of body weight that often can be dangerous to our health. When a person is overweight it means that he or she has an excessive amount of body weight including muscles, bones, fat and water. Being obese refers only to an excessive amount of body fat. Everyone should remember that obesity is officially considered as a disease. Being obese or overweight can often lead to health problems and obesity related medical conditions such as: heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and hypertension.

Obesity can also become “morbid”, which means that the risk of one or more obesity related medical conditions is significantly increased because of the person’s problems with excess weight. This term is used by doctors when a person has the body mass index (BMI) of 40 or higher. Bariatric surgeries are usually recommended for morbidly obese people with BMI higher than 35-40.

Am I a good candidate for gastric sleeve?

Yes, if your BMI (Body Mass Index) reaches 35. Candidates who are obese and their BMI is slightly lower than 35 can also be qualified for the procedure if they suffer from at least one of the obesity related diseases such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

How does gastric sleeve work?

Gastric sleeve procedure, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgery that guarantees a significant and long-term weight loss. You may choose a less invasive laparoscopic technique or a traditional open surgery – both options have their pros and cons, but doctors always advise the most suitable technique depending on the patient’s health and general condition.

During the procedure, surgeons remove 70% – 80% of the stomach. The rest of the pouch is formed in the shape of a sleeve. The surgery takes about 60 minutes and after that, the stomach can store only a small portion of food. Also, the hunger hormone, ghrelin, is reduced and patients feel less hungry which helps them to control their appetite. It is possible to lose even up to 70% of the excessive weight, but patients need to remember that it is necessary to keep the so-called post-op diet and stick to the recommended small portions of food to prevent stomach from stretching.

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Gastric sleeve is considered as one of the most effective, safe and widely available bariatric surgeries. This type of weight loss surgery is suitable for people suffering from extreme obesity who need this procedure to improve their health.

Gastric sleeve procedure, called also sleeve gastrectomy, can be refunded by the NHS or performed in a private clinic in the UK offering this kind of surgery. Unfortunately, the NHS waiting lists are usually too long and the cost of gastric sleeve in the UK is so high that patients cannot afford it there. In such cases, it is a very good option to visit Turkey for a cheap gastric sleeve surgery and thousands of people choose this opportunity each year.

Why choose Turkey? The answer is very simple – this country offers one of the best prices for gastric sleeve surgery in Europe. The average price starts from 3800 GBP, whereas the cost of this procedure in the UK starts from 8000 GBP.

If you are thinking about undergoing this weight loss surgery in Turkey, you will find information about the procedure online as the majority of Turkish clinics run English websites. You may also want to contact the consultants in various accredited medical agencies in Turkey and abroad where you will find answers to all your questions about the surgery itself, the cost of the travel and accommodation and other necessary details.

The choice of places you can visit in Turkey Is also very wide. The best idea is to think about your convenience during the stay and choose cities where bariatric clinics are situated. The most popular destination is Istanbul, which is often called the cultural and historic heart of the country. Another very attractive choice is Antalya. This city would be perfect for those who love luxurious holiday resorts. In both cities there are international airports with the most suitable flight connections (both business and budget class). The travel costs are relatively low and the number of flight connections have increased significantly. Travelling from the most major European cities to Turkey is comfortable and cheap. Medical tourism is definitely a great way to combine what is necessary – taking care of our health – with pleasure of visiting new fascinating places.