Mezuzah scroll parchments: How to buy them practically


The word “mezuzah” in Hebrew literally means “door frame”. In one of the most widely read excerpts from the Torah, in the excerpts that make up Shema Israel, one of the most important prayers in Judaism, Jews are commanded to place certain words on their door frames. The Talmud teaches us that a sofer (scribe) must just write the words of the prayer on a sacred scroll so that it can be hung. And all Jewish houses and establishments must have these scrolls at the doors of their entrances and exits.

That parchment written by the sofer is the mezuzah. It is sacred and as such it should be treated. In order for it to be kasher (suitable to fulfill the mandate) the sofer must carefully follow dozens of requirements that determine whether the roll is suitable for use or not. Among them are the size of the parchment, the dimensions of the letters, the lines that limit them, the pen that was used to write it, the names of Gd that were written on the reverse, among many other details, that mark the complexity of this work.

Now that scroll can be placed directly on the door frame and the person will have fulfilled the mitzvah. However, to protect the parchment it has become customary to put it in a box made of various materials, to hang it on the door. And these are the little boxes that are seen from the outside in the temples, the houses of study and Jewish institutions. When people kiss or touch them when entering the room, it is not because the box is special in itself, but its content is what they are appreciating.

At jewish shopping sites, we can find various mezuzah scroll parchments such as the two products below:

1. Kosher Mezuzah Scroll – Sephardic (7-15cm)

Available in sizes 7-15 cm, these scrolls sell from $ 45.00 to $ 85.00. This is a Sephardic Mezuzah Scroll written by a God-fearing scribes with Mishmar Stam Committee certification. This is guaranteed kosher by Badatz Rabbinate of Jerusalem. Tested 3 times, this scroll is guaranteed quality.

2. Kosher Mezuzah Scroll – Chabad [Alter Rebbe – Ari] (7-15cm)

Has been tested 3 times; twice by manual proofreading and once by computer proofing Chabad. Certified by the Mishmar Stem Committee, this scroll was created under the supervision of the Badatz Rabbinate of Jerusalem. Available in sizes 7-15 cm and selling from $ 45.00 to $ 85.00.
Each of them can be purchased from with the following advantages:

  • Free delivery for orders over $ 75.00
  • Free 7-day return if eligible
  • 100% secure payment
  • Made in Israel (from Israel with love)

Today, finding our Jewish ritual needs is not as difficult as it was in the past. Just a few clicks and you can find all the quality and affordable Jewish supplies. Hopefully by reading this article you will get the benefit. Gd bless all of us!


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