Modern Funeral Trends That Shake Up the Death Culture


Traditional funerals are fading fast, even in the United Kingdom. Gone are the days when people celebrate death with viewing-slash-visitation and a religious service. They are also skipping burying the embalmed body in a casket that could cost an arm and a leg. In place are the current trends that are kind both to your budget and the planet. Here’s a look at what’s becoming the norm, shaking up the death culture we knew from generations before.

Preplanning funerals

People are used to planning weddings and other events or vacations well in advance, no problem. But they usually cringe at the thought of planning their funeral. Nowadays, however, it is common for even young, healthy individuals to sign a funeral arrangement for themselves through dependable providers like By doing so, they are taking a couple of benefits, like:

  • Lifting the burden from their family’s shoulders so they can concentrate on their grief
  • Signifying their final wishes
  • Saving on costs

Livestreamed services

In this Internet age of video-sharing services, it is common for people to livestream the funeral so those in different parts of the world can participate. The likes of YouTube, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts proved valuable, especially at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. And this trend is not going anywhere soon because it provides a convenient opportunity for people from afar to celebrate the life of a dearly departed with everyone in the circle.

Celebration of remembrance

Funerals used to be a solemn affair, but that is no longer the standard these days because people love to celebrate the life lived rather than grieving a loved one’s death. This uplifting alternative has been therapeutic for the bereaved family because it marks the highs and the beautiful memories more than the sadness of a loss. In most modern funerals, guests are encouraged to share a joyful remembrance. It is also not surprising to find lots of bright colours and singing, dancing, and good food.

Personalised or themed funerals

People are becoming more adept at planning funerals the way they would their life’s milestones—complete with a theme or motif to highlight the uniqueness and beauty of a person’s life. And just like birthdays, weddings, and other events, the theme could be anything and quirky.

Cremation and other modern types of burials

At the rate it is going, cremation is fast becoming the end-of-life service of choice for many people. Other burial types, including green burials and sea burials, are also getting their fair share of the pie. The main reason for their rise in popularity is significantly cutting costs. Plus, there’s the reality that most memorial grounds are already crowded and could no longer accommodate caskets carrying an embalmed body.

Losing a loved one is hard, and managing the entire program to allow the departed a graceful exit can be exhausting. But that was before. Modern funeral trends are growing in popularity because they prove to be convenient and practical.

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