Most Popular Sports Teams in New Jersey

New Jersey might be one of the smallest states in America, however it does also feature some of the biggest and most popular sports teams that the country has ever been able to produce.

Admittedly, due to the state’s location and proximity, there is perhaps a little bit of “cheating” when it comes down to the teams that are considered to be a part of the state, as many of them carry the neighboring state of New York’s name.

Nonetheless, many of the teams play their matches within New Jersey, thus making them a sports team that can be associated with the region for many. Here are just some of the most popular sports teams to come from the area, with some of the biggest and most recognized teams to have ever existed in their respective sport’s history.

New Jersey Devils

One of the best teams to have ever competed in the National Hockey League, known simply as the NHL to many around the world, the New Jersey Devils are located within the state.

The team play their matches at the Prudential Center in Newark and continue to regularly compete for the top honors in ice hockey. They have managed to acquire a number of championships, including the Stanley Cup on no fewer than three occasions.

According to a number of different statistical points of reference, the New Jersey Devils sit in the middle road when it comes down to their popularity as a whole in the NHL, however that will likely be just one of the reasons as to why Unibet have made themselves the ice hockey franchises’ official partner.

New York Red Bulls

Soccer in the United States of America is continuing to grow in popularity, with fans continuing to take a growing interest in what Europe’s most popular sport has to provide them.

Indeed, fans based in New Jersey will be able to see the New York Red Bulls play in the Major League Soccer (MLS), with the team still considered to be relatively new, despite the fact that new franchises and expansion teams continue to be added to the competition due to its increased popularity. The New York Red Bulls, according to numbers on social media, are the third most popular team in the MLS, behind LA Galaxy and actual New Yorkers, New York City FC.

Despite their name, the New York Red Bulls actually play their soccer matches in the state of New Jersey, as their home games are played at the Red Bull Arena in the city of Harrison. The stadium is one of the most modern in the sport, with fans from across the region continuing to flock to games to watch their favorite stars continuing to perform.

Although the days where Thierry Henry, Juan Pablo Angel and Bradley Wright-Phillips were playing for them have since passed by, fans who fill out the 25,000-capacity Red Bull Arena will still be able to see some quality soccer from some rising stars.

New York Giants and Jets

Football is America’s sport and it perhaps should not come as a surprise that the surrounding areas of New Jersey and New York have two football teams that represent them.

Indeed, Met Life Stadium is located in the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and is home to both the New York Giants and the New York Jets as both franchises share the stadium on alternate weeks. It is rare, however the two National Football League (NFL) franchises can compete against each other, with one team taking the home game.

Whilst both sides are based in the state, it is understood that New Jersey residents actually prefer the New York Jets over the Giants, but both are backed in their numbers despite the fact both organizations have fallen well short of where they should be in the NFL.


Of course, there are a number of minor sports league teams and college teams that continue to play out of the state of New Jersey, however the most popular sides mostly appear to have the ‘New York’ attached to them.

Nonetheless, these popular professional sports teams are just a part of New Jersey as they are New York, therefore making them some of the most popular sports teams based in the small state.