Motocross Bikes for Beginners


Motocross is an exciting sport that involves racing specialized dirt bikes on off-road circuits full of jumps and berms. It takes skill, bravery, and the right bike to be successful. For beginners looking to get into motocross, choosing the right starter bike is crucial. The bike needs to be powerful yet manageable, and built to take the abuse of motocross tracks. Here are some of the best motocross bikes for beginners.

Yamaha YZ125

One of the most popular motocross bikes for decades, the Yamaha YZ125 is an ideal learner bike. The two-stroke 125cc engine provides smooth, linear power delivery that’s easy to control as you learn throttle control and shifting out on the track. The compact size and light weight of the YZ125 helps new riders feel comfortable and confident. Yamaha’s long motocross pedigree means the YZ125 is race-ready out of the box, with top-notch suspension and chassis performance. Overall, the YZ125 is a proven, novice-friendly motocrosser.

Honda CRF150R

Honda scales things down further with their CRF150R. The 150cc four-stroke engine offers good power without being intimidating. The smooth powerband helps prevent stalling as you learn clutch control. Being a four-stroke, the CRF150R requires less shifting per lap compared to a 125cc two-stroke. This makes it more forgiving as you learn the tracks. The CRF150R also features electric start to simplify starting procedures. The soft suspension setup and mellow power have made the CRF150R a steadfast favorite for aspiring young motocross racers.

Kawasaki KLX110

On the smaller side of things, Kawasaki offers the KLX110. It’s an ultra-light, easy to ride four-stroke bike packing just enough punch to start learning on. The KLX110 is recommended for riders under 13 years old and under 150 pounds. With its low seat height, smooth power delivery and soft suspension, the “Kawie” does a great job building confidence and ability before moving up to more powerful bikes. The good thing to know for your Kawasaki dirt bike is that the KLX110 is race-ready off the showroom floor if you want to try your hand at kids motocross racing right away.

KTM 50 SX Mini

From Austrian off-road specialists KTM comes their 50 SX Mini model. Living up to KTM’s “Ready to Race” motto, the 50 SX Mini is a competition-ready small bike for aspiring young motocrossers. The liquid-cooled two-stroke engine makes decent power for a 50cc, encouraging new riders to explore the limits of traction. WP suspension components offer performance tuning matched to lighter riders. The composite subframe and other weight savings make the KTM very nimble and easy to control. Overall, the Mini is great for transitioning kids from 50cc trainer bikes up to full-sized race machines.

Beta 80RR

The Italian company Beta specializes in off-road bikes. Their 80RR model is a top choice to bridge the gap between children’s bikes and adult-sized MX machines. Displacing 79cc, the Mini-Adventure model features an electric start four-stroke engine tuned for maximum rideability. The adjustable suspension can grow with developing abilities. A manual clutch and six-speed transmission get new riders prepped for more advanced setups. With superior components throughout, the Beta 80RR gives aspiring motocross racers a true taste of performance engineering.

The most important factors in choosing a starter motocross bike are finding a power level you’re comfortable with, proper fit ergonomics and a suspension setup matched to your weight and abilities. Test ride as many bikes as possible to get a feel for different models. And don’t forget proper safety gear – a helmet, goggles, boots and gloves are mandatory, along with body armor. Take it slow as you build your skills, and enjoy the thrill of dirt bike riding!

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