New Door Lock Installation: The Definite Guide


Installing a new door lock is obviously a complex task. But sometimes, you need to inevitably do it, especially when you are the victim of the circumstance. Maybe you have lost your keys or changed your house and taken a new home with a new roommate. Or sometimes, your door lock may be damaged, or you need to install a new door with locks.

In these circumstances, you have to install a new lock there. At that time, if you have a definite guide on new door lock installation, it will allow you to do it yourself. In this article, we will provide a guideline for the new door lock installation. You can also visit to access a quick guide on replacing home locks just like professional locksmiths do.

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New Door Lock Installation: The Definite Guide

Installing a new lock on your own will allow you to develop a new skill and save a significant amount of money. The new door lock installation process is arduous to follow.

There have different types of locks you will get. Here in this article, we will give you the process of installing a deadbolt lock in five steps.

Measure the door lock for dimension and drill holes

The first thing you have to do in this process is taking the measures of your door in which you want to install the new lock. Nowadays, most of the doors are predrilled so that you can just buy a lock according to the measure and then install it very easily. So, if you find your door predrilled, you will just measure the existing holes so that you can buy a lock for your door.

Drill holes

According to the measure, if your door is not predrilled, you have to drill new holes in the door. You will get a lock template for doing this easily. So, you just have to place the lock template on the door and then insert the drill into the hole shows/indicates in the template.

Drill the hole very correctly, and after finishing, you need to smooth the recess with sandpaper. After drilling the holes, you have to make the place for the bolt. For making it, you have to use a chisel. You have to use it according to the way the template says, exactly like you drilled a hole before.

Buy a new lock

In the second step, you have to buy a new lock according to the measure you have taken in the first step. Door locks are not like one size fits all. We recommend you to buy the same brand lock if you are replacing it. You will easily get this type of lock in your nearby market. You can also buy online.

Insert new bolt

After choosing a new lock for your door, the process is very easy now. You just have to insert the bolt (which you will get with the lockset) in the hole you have made in the previous step. When it is centered, you need to fasten it with two screws. That’s all in this step.

Connect the interior and exterior plates

Now it is the time to connect the plates of the interior and exterior. For doing it, you have to slide the deadbolt into the main lateral hole. Connect the exterior bolt with the interior base plate.

Then you have to insert the screws and tighten them with the flathead screwdriver. After completing these things, your main task will be finished, and your door will be ready to be locked.

Attach base plate

Now it is time to attach the decorative plates, which can cover the whole lock placed inside. It will increase the beauty of your lock. Now you need to check your lock. It will definitely work if you did everything in our given process. Let us know in the comment section that you successfully did it or not.

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These are mainly the steps of the process of the new door lock installation. If you can follow our given steps exactly in the same way that we have written here, you can easily install the new lock very easily. The process is hard, but not as hard as people think. So, you can try this out.

Anyways, in this article, we have given you the easiest way of new door lock installation. Hopefully, this article will be very informative and useful for you. After reading this article, all of your confusion regarding this topic will be clear.


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