New Experiences To Enjoy During Your Visit To New York


Sporting Events

Perhaps no American state is richer and wealthier in sports history than New York.

New York is home to the NFL’s New York Giants, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, MLB’s New York Yankees and New York Mets, the NBA’s New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets and the NHL’s New York Islanders, New York Rangers and Buffalo Sabres.

No American sports franchise is more iconic than the Yankees, who have won 27 World Series championships. The Rangers and Knicks play their home games at Madison Square Garden, known as “the world’s most famous arena”.

Professional sports is a way of life in The Empire State. Mobile and online New York Sports Betting launched in January of this year, and the state has already taken in more than $6 billion worth of sports wagers.

Through New York-based sportsbooks, customers can play online casino games like poker, blackjack, slots and roulettes. In sports wagers, you can place bets like parlays, moneylines, totals, over/under and futures (such as division, award and championship winners).

The Rangers are playing against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Eastern Conference. There are few sporting venues more electrifying than MSG at any given time, especially during the playoffs. Simply watch a game on television to get an idea on how much of an experience the Garden is.

Yankee Stadium opened in 2009 as the replacement for the historic and old Yankee Stadium. Located in the Bronx, this is widely regarded as the fanciest ballpark in America right now. It has its own museum inside, several restaurants and a Hard Rock Cafe.

Whenever the Yankees win a home game, the stadium plays Frank Sinatra’s iconic “New York, New York” hit. It’s simply tough to beat the experience of a Yankees home win, followed by a proud group singing one of Sinatra’s most popular songs.

Citi Field (home of the Mets) is another beautiful stadium that is located in the Flushing Meadows–Corona Park part of Queens. The Mets have one of baseball’s most passionate crowds, making the gameday experience all the more special.

The Nets are also a hot ticket in town with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons forming one of the best NBA “big threes” in recent memory. If you’re in Brooklyn during a day where the Nets are playing at the Barclays Center, you should definitely try to catch a game.

Citi Field is also located near the New York Hall of Science and Arthur Ashe Stadium, which hosts the US Open every year.

Times Square

If you’re planning a visit to New York, you will absolutely want to prioritize seeing some of the state’s many historic landmarks, destinations and tourist attractions.

Times Square in Manhattan brings in tens of millions of visitors every year. It’s not just because of the history and the beautiful buildings nearby, but also because there is so much to do in the Times Square area.

You have a wide variety of different restaurants to choose from while planning a day in Times Square. The area is also home to giant M&M’s and Hershey’s stores, which are must-sees for any chocolate lover.

The streets of Times Square are never short of street entertainers and people dressing up as your fictional characters, from superheroes to Disney and much more.

Central Park & The Statue Of Liberty

Central Park, one of the world’s most famous parks, is also located in Manhattan. It’s not too far from Times Square, so it’s easy to plan an entire day around visiting these two popular tourist locations.

There are many different activities and venues to check out around Central Park, including the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, the Central Park Zoo and the Wollman Rink.

You don’t even have to participate in any of these activities. Simply spending a couple of hours walking through the giant park will make for the experience of a lifetime.

And of course, there’s the Statue of Liberty landmark that’s located on Liberty Island. You have the option to take a tour and get right up close to the statue, or you can take photographs of it from far away.

The bottom line is that given its fame and historic significance to the United States, seeing the Statue of Liberty while you’re in New York is undoubtedly a must.


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