New York is an amazing place to live—if you steer clear of these 8 things

No other place in the world can tussle with the invincible zest of New York! It is everything, and more. From the world-class cuisines and street foods to the road gigs, you will find everything grooving at every other avenue. No matter who you are and what you are seeking, New York will have a cradle for you and your dreams. It is alive, 24*7, indeed. Life is New York, New York is life- it is no puffery.

Every escapade in this place is purely unique, and the feel of aspiring here is straight punch out of a Hollywood big-budgeted movie. So, are you tracing life in The Big Apple? With majestic skyscrapers? It is a dream, isn’t it?

Living in New York can be one of the most worthy and palatable experiences for you. The city has so much to offer that it keeps you and never lets you go; such is its sphere. But there is an indispensable checklist you must prepare to avoid ‘doing’ in New York.

1. Never disrespect the ‘rules’ of lanes and sidewalks

Every street has designated bicycle lanes and sidewalks. Since it is no news that New Yorkers are very austere when it comes to these basic canons.

Don’t ever block or lazily stroll on the sidewalks. If you do so, you will, most probably, get to hear some ‘shabby’ lingos from the New Yorkers. No, they are not as rude as they are rumored to be unless you get on their nerves by needling the walking crowd.

2. Don’t walk with ONLY credit card

The abode of New York operates mostly on cash exchange. Though fancy places may accept credit cards from you, surprisingly, you will find yourself often lingering, if you don’t have cash. Many street-food joints, carts, even majority shops, bars, lounge, etc. will only ask for cash. Hence, running from ATM to ATM every other quarter is just not rational. Cash is truly a need.

Also, always bear some extra pennies with you. Always.

3. Don’t splurge, like really DON’T

First and foremost, it should not come as a surprise to you that New York is expensive. It is not just expensive, it is exorbitant. In fact, it is the 7th most expensive city in the whole wide world. So, try to contain your lifestyle as sound as possible. Even the museum fare, many tourist niches, day-to-day supplies, food, rental costs, etc. are just hard finance consumers, so you have to go light and intelligent on your spending.

4. Don’t neglect your residential safety

It is not just the case with New York, but before settling in any ‘new’ world, one must ensure every doable measure. The city is tamped with an atypical crowd which might sometimes not be the safest place out there.

Be sanely alert and keep a charge on the affairs of your realm. Especially when you are renting a home, it is vital to collate the neighborhood. You can install security cameras, hire a doorman or set up alarms at your home. However, before anything else, a wise advice would be to have a safety net over your belongings, so that even if it’s your unluckiest day, your belongings are still secure. Therefore, since the city is full of revelations (good and bad), it is important to attain a renter’s insurance. A renter’s insurance in New York will not only protect your belongings in an unprecedented situation but would also give you a mental peace whenever you’re away from home.

5. Don’t neglect the need for a metro card

The majority mass in New York doesn’t own a car, and it is best suited for this pacing universe. The traffic of NY is too appalling and could never be reasonable in this fast city. Hence, almost everyone here rolls on the extensive subways.

It is more than advisable for you to sustain the very classic yellow-and-blue metro card that will literally come in handy EVERY DAY. It is cheap and can bring you to every corner of the city.

6. Never rely on uncomfortable footwear

Living in New York has natural health benefits, which come from walking a lot, A LOT. Everyone there is busy and bustling, therefore, walking is an integral trait that everyone must stark in themselves.

Rambling dully is something you would have to mute. Ditch every uncomfortable and banal shoe and footwear because they will be giving you some really tough time.

7. Never Disregard queue

Be it a newspaper stall or a fast-food chain, you will always encounter a chain of the pack in the city, no matter how swamped everyone is, they civilly respect the queue and patiently wait for their turn. So, avoid trying to be ‘smart’ and insincerely crack between the lines. It might get you engraved in an unwanted wage amidst a crowd, or even worse, you might be pulled out of the line altogether and not be served.

8. Pronounce Houston Street correctly

New Yorkers have a way of their own, other than a vivid tone, they have a certain go of pronouncing things, one of which is the very famous Houston Street’s. You will probably be stately frowned upon if you pronounce this street as “Hoo-stun”, which, frankly, a lot of people do. It is actually pronounced as “How-stun”, at least for the New Yorkers, and you are going to be one hence curl your speaking skill like them.


New York is a fascinating cosmo of its own. There is so much to experience there that can never be enough to completely tire you. But to appreciate spirals of measures to fit in this wondrous city is a crucial step. Keep in mind the economic status and balance that you need after living in a city that actually never sleeps.