New York Travel Guide: A Beginners Guide to Midtown

Are you looking for a travel guide to help you make the best out of your time in New York? With the multiplicity of beautiful and iconic places to visit in New York, you may be lost for choices. Therefore, you will need a roadmap to follow that ensures your trip isn’t a waste.

If you are considering Airbnb in Midtown New York, read through for some of the places you can visit while there.

Top of the Rock and Rainbow Room

On top of the Midtown, New York travel list is Top of the Rock and Rainbow Room. Whenever you visit this amazing place, you will get a gorgeous view of the city. Here, you will enjoy a cold drink in the summer plus a 360 degrees scenery of New York City.

If your trip is during winter, you are not exempted from this delight. Revel in the amazing prospect of the entire city behind the glass. You will remain warm as you document breathtaking pictures of your stay.

The outlook of the city at night is spectacular. Lights from buildings, headlights from cars, and the street lights combine to create a dream-like sight. If you are a fan of photos and creating memories, this is one of the best lighting conditions you will ever get.

Radio City Music Hall

Interested in the world of art? Visit the Radio City Music Hall for a phenomenal experience. Here you will get a buzz out of legendary concerts and award-winning performances.

Initially, it was designed to serve the purpose of a sports arena. It also doubled up as a movie theater and opera house. Currently, Radio City Music Hall is being praised all over the world as an epicenter of entertainment. It is the home of the world’s largest stage and indoor television.

Lovers of comedy have the privilege to be in the same room where legendary comedians have performed in the past. If your travel to New York is during a night where there is a comedy performance, be sure to book the front-row seat.

If you are an architecture enthusiast, Radio City Music Hall is definitely a place you should visit. Watch how the structure is built, and you might even get a few ideas from its design.

Times Square

If are in search of the best places to visit in New York, Times Square is the perfect destination.  Here you will take pleasure in being in a fully energized crowd. Almost always, Times Square is fully packed with thrill-seekers who are looking for an environment matching their enthusiasm.

Magnificent lights all round, companies that have world-wide recognition and museums are part of the Square’s pleasure providers. You can take a photo with one of these companies as your background. Additionally, the evening view in Times Square has golden hues that are perfect for a quality bokeh.

In Times Square, you can never go hungry. Numerous restaurants serve stupefying dishes from different cultures. Devore a plate of food from any culture giving your taste buds an exquisite experience.

If you want to experience in real life, the highly-praised New Year’s Eve ball drops, visit Times Square.

The Flatiron Building

The Flatiron building is one of the world’s most photographed buildings. If you want to join the Flatiron building photography subjects’ club, this is a must-visit location. With your camera in hand or your phone, get some amazing shots of the Flatiron building in Midtown New York.

If you are a beginner in the Midtown tour, make sure you include this building in your travel schedule. You can visit the building at any time without having to worry about congestion.

57th Street and 5th Avenue

Luxury-loving people have their desires catered for here. You will get a chance to experience glamour at its best. Luxuriate in delicious meals from the many restaurants here.

Experienced chefs prepare foods that you can get from different parts of the world. You can order a meal that you crave and have served as you enjoy the scenery.

Patrick’s Cathedral

Some people travel to the great city to see this cathedral. The cathedral is designed to hold about three thousand people at a go. Amazing, right? The exterior design is beautiful to look at.

Here you will get a chance to learn about its history and role in religious growth.

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Hopefully, this beginner’s guide to Midtown has shed more light on your travel plans. There are lots of views that you will enjoy once you get there. Make plans to visit the places that interest you the most.

Document your visit from St. Patrick’s Cathedral history to the Flatiron Building’s architecture with pictures.