New York’s Top 15 Social Media Influencers

Social media has become an industry. From Facebook to Instagram and YouTube, people from all over the world love and use different social media platforms. All the users are in a continuous race to get the maximum following. 




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People use their accounts to promote their lifestyle. But only some of them get popular and gain a huge following. When they get popular on social media platforms, they get a massive audience who listens to them. They can leave an impact on their followers’ life. That is the reason behind the fact that these people are known as influencers. 

The whole world is filled with an unlimited number of social media influencers. But the influencers of New York City grab the utmost attention. They all are famous for different reasons. Although the city of New York has a huge number of artists (link with Top Famous Artists from New York) and social media influencers, some of them are just the best. Following is the list of some of the most prominent social media influencers of New York City:

Note: The following list is in no specific order.

Coffee and Champagne

The face behind this amazing food blog is Michelle Williams. She uses social media to express her love for food. She shares her recipes and cooking hacks on her social media accounts. And with a major following of more than 144K followers, she has received a lot of love from her fans. 

Mitchell has an up to date profile, and she really knows how to maintain it. The whole setup of her accounts is very well put together. Her ideas and style grab attention towards her. 

With her Instagram, Facebook, and other social media handles, Michelle is trying to put out the image of healthy eating. And judging by the numbers, we can say that she is getting successful in her goal.

Instagram: coffeeandchampagne

Danielle Bernstein

More commonly known for her fashion blog and brand, We Wore What, Danielle is a fashion icon in the making. She has a huge following of up to 2.3 million followers on her blog’s Instagram account. This stunning lady was also featured in Forbes 30 under 30.

She is a pure fashionista who is capable of changing the fashion industry. The way she styles her outfits inspires her fans in so many different ways. When it comes to clothing, she doesn’t hold back, and that is why she has gained the status of an influencer.

Danielle Bernstein uses the power of social media to provide her followers with the ultimate fashion guide. Based in Manhattan, New York, she has all the insights of the fashion industry that she tells her fans through her accounts.

Instagram: weworewhat

Ashley Hall

With the amazing follower count of more than 52K on Instagram, the curl queen YouTuber has made an impact on the youth with the help of her Instagram and YouTube account. Ashley is a New York-based beauty influencer, and she uses her social media accounts to promote natural but modern beauty.

People love and admire Ashley’s approach to beauty. Her followers like the fact that she is an easygoing lady with a relatable routine. She is mostly famous for her spirally natural curls. When she started her channel, she instantly got famous in the curl community.

On her blog and channel, Ashley shares a lot of hair and makeup tutorials. She also let her followers in on her day to day life. Her followers love her for her openness and massive confidence. 

Instagram: imashleyhall

John Henry

John is the most famous business influencer of New York City. He started his first own company when he was just 18 years old. And just like that, he became popular in the young generation. When he started posting tweets about his career and life, people showered him with love and appreciation. 

People who follow him, aspire to lead a life similar to his’. He shares his stories, and his followers admire him for that. He has left a significant impact on youngsters who struggle to become something in their life. 

John is channeling a motivational image through his social media accounts, and we all are here for it. He was also listed in Forbes 30 Under 30.

Instagram: johnhenrystyle

Brandon Stanton

Founder of the Humans of New York, Brandon changed the whole concept of social media influencing. He did something different with his blog and received admiration from people all over the world. 

He posts short documentaries on different people about how they live and their life experiences. Instead of just telling his life story, Brandon changed the whole game. 

He directs those short films in order to promote a very positive change. He believes that a person can change everything. His audience loves what he does and the message he puts forward.

Instagram: humansofny

Twitter: humansofny

Tess Christine

Tess Christine is a Brooklyn-based fashionista. She got famous because of her unique sense of fashion. She shares her styling and fashion tips on her YouTube channel. She posts all her shopping experiences on her social media accounts and provides the ultimate fashion guide to her followers.

She is popular for her aesthetically pleasing Instagram that has a major following of more than 700 thousand followers. She is also known as the shopping atlas of Instagram. A lot of her styling goes viral and appreciated by teens. 

Instagram: tesschristinexo

Twitter: tesschristine

Miss Yanyi

The famous New York-based Spanish speaking influencer Miss Yanyi surely knows how to maintain lifestyle blogging. Yanyi is mostly famous for her YouTube channel and her overall day to day living style.

She promotes a very casual lifestyle from the help of her social media profiles. She is admired all over the country because of her sweetness. She is considered one of the leading impactful social media influencers.  

Instagram: miss_yanyi

Sai de Silva

The New York curly girl Sai is known for her love for travel. She is more commonly known as the scout, the city girl. She has a following of 300 thousand people on her Instagram account, and they all admire her. Her YouTube account consists of travel guides and day to day vlogs in New York City.

Born in Miami, Sai manages to deliver the real image of not only New York but also the city she was born in. People love her for her versatility. She does not take her status on the media lightly and scoops her followers in for any new adventure. She is a real-life example of a well-balanced personality. 

Instagram: scoutthecity

Nyjah Richardson

Nyjah is a real-life influencer, and her blog and Instagram portray her life. She is a millennial mum of her beautiful kid, and she shares all her life experiences through her social media handles.

She posts all about her journey of motherhood. She lets her followers know about the reality of a working mom. She manages to portray a positive picture through her social media profiles, and that is why she is admired by the fans.

Nyjah promotes a good lifestyle that is shown in her day to day business. She opened up her private life to her followers so that they can learn and get motivation from it.

Instagram: myepiphany

Emily Luciano

The all-time famous city girl Emily Luciano is famous all over America, especially New York City. She has a huge impact on young teens who want to follow her style. Emily has a unique, edgy sense of fashion that only she can pull off. She is a blogger, painter, and content creator.

She likes to use her social media accounts to showcase her styling and shopping experiences. With the amazing fan following and exposure, she is setting a whole new example of social media influencing.

Instagram: emily_luciano

Jen Selter

Generally known as the daisy beet, Jen is an owner of a fitness blog. She portrays the picture of a fit and healthy lifestyle through her social media accounts. She maintains a following of more than 12 million followers on her Instagram account who aspire to become like her.

She is the co-owner of blendjet, and founder of jenstabar and couplegoals. She shares her fitness stories and inspires her followers to lead a healthy life.

Instagram: jenselter

Twitter: JenSelter

Charlie O’Donnell

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Charlie holds more of a relatable social media. He maintains a profile that is easy to follow. He is a met fan and scoops his followers in for any new information. He got famous in the youth for his honesty and easy-going lifestyle.

Instagram: ceonyc

Twitter: ceonyc

Patrick Janelle

Patrick Janelle is the face behind Instagram’s famous account, A Guy Named Patrick. He is a photographer by passion and uses his social media to promote the beauty of the city.

With a great sense of photography, Patrick has portrayed an aesthetically pleasing image of Manhattan. People from all over the world follow his account and admire him for his uniqueness.

Instagram: aguynamedpatrick

Sara Dietschy

Sara is a living example of the girl who has it all. She is a life influencer with a fan following of more than 142K. She uses her social media accounts to promote the fact that anything can be achieved in life. 

Sara is a well-known YouTuber and podcast producer. Being a former employee of Intel and AT&T, she really knows how to rock that office life.  

Instagram: saradietschy

Twitter: saradietschy


The world of social media is constantly changing. Every day, there is a new person who wants to share their life with the world. These influencers leave a significant impact on the life of their fans as well. The people mentioned above are the face of New York social media. They portray the image of the city, and that is why their followers love them.

If you haven’t followed them yet, it is time.