Not to Forget Essentials When Travelling to New York?


Travel is a pain in the butt, no one’s going to deny that. But, with the exception of flying being a miserable experience all around nowadays, the worst part of it has to be packing sufficiently. You always forget something, be it enough underwear, in one case back in the day, I forgot socks entirely on a trip, and it was to a rather cold place. But, one of the easiest things forget is something like toiletries and proper medicines.

Today, I’m going to give you a handful suggestions, and while several of these are kind of applicable to anywhere you may travel, I’ll give you a couple that you might find yourself needing specifically in New York.

Allergies are the worst!

Unless you’re from the northeastern part of the United States, you’re going to find yourself having a run in with various allergens in New York. While those from the Midwest may have less of a hard time than people from the South or further west, the Atlantic Coast is a rather unique biosphere. This means that you will run afoul of a lot of forms of pollen, and unique mold cultures that grow during the more humid in damp parts of the year.

You may also want some general decongestants as unless you’re from a similarly dense metropolitan area, the large amount of pollution in the city proper will cause you some breathing irritation. Being from LA myself, even I found the unique blend of pollutants in New York, which are distinctly different from the smog of LA, to be dismaying to my lungs at first.

Muscle cream and aspirin are your best friend!

Another thing that will definitely get to you if you’re not from a similarly dense, crowded city, you’re going to get sore and cramped in the conditions of New York City. Natives are used to bobbing and weaving through crowds, trekking long distances on foot to save Fair, and other such things. You, however, will find yourself sore at the end of the day. Topical analgesic muscle creams and aspirin or ibuprofen will go a long way to alleviating this, trust me! My particular source of woe was actually the subway, which is a bumpier, jerky or ride than you actually expect.

Masks and hand sanitizer!

If you go without saying, right now, that I certainly hope you have a reason to be traveling that far. We should be traveling as little as possible during this pandemic, as this greatly reduces the spread of the coronavirus. However, if you must travel, the most important thing you can invest in a matter where you’re going is hand sanitizer and facemasks. They’re not going to let you on a plane, train or bus without a face mask, so the only way you could travel with a bare faces if you are driving their yourself. In that case, bring them anyway. You will be in a situation where normal standards for social distancing are practically impossible, and you need to take it seriously.

Thankfully, all this can be rather affordably purchased, if you order through a Canadian pharmacy. Canadians offset the cost of their pharmaceuticals through taxation, and since as an American, you aren’t paying into that tax system, you can take advantage of the loophole presented by their cheaper price points on shelves. Simply buy medicines online at , and let the savings roll in!

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