NYC Beauty Trends to Watch Out For


If you love the glossy eyelid look and light-filled looks throughout your face, the good news is that this trend is here to stay, with brands like NARS and Ilia having recently launched foundation formulas that combine great coverage and a youthful, luminous glow. Of course, this is just one of many Beauty trends that have emerged this year that were recently spotted at New York Fashion Week. If you want to know what treatments and products to invest in to make heads turn this year, read on.

“Lived-in Make-up”

Every decade has its own interpretation of what “smoky eyes” should look like and this year, it’s all about a partied, “lived-in” look, married to slickly lined lower lids. To get an idea of what this style (a blend between grunge and glam) looks like, check out Collina Strada’s catwalk look at NYFW Fall 2022. Forget about Kim K’s smooth, picture-perfect smoky. This look is all about slightly smudged lids paired with a slick matte eyeliner and pops of color in the inner corner of the eye. At the Eckhaus Latta show, meanwhile, make-up artist Fara Homidi created a “nocturnal eye” look that saw eyes rimmed with effortless bits of grease and chunky glitter in hues like turquoise and black.

Surgery in a Syringe

This year, really great skin is what it’s all about and that means that models and celebrities alike are opting for “surgery in a syringe” type treatments ranging from plasma-rich platelet injections (the so-called “vampire facial”) right through to autologous fat transfer (filling parts of the body or face with fat obtained from somewhere in the body) or even Kybella (which destroys fat and tightens the skin around the treatment area. Lasers like Fractora and Fraxel (which can tackle pigmentation, acne scarring, and other issues that wrest from skin smoothness) are also holding sway among those wishing to turn back the hands of time. Of course, surgery is still big and there are beauty lovers who are opting for plastic surgery in NYC. Some of the most sought-after procedures apart from injectables are rhinoplasty surgeries, eyelid surgeries, and facelifts.

Bejeweled Hair

Euphoria has done great things for facial jewelry, and rhinestones, colored gemstones, and even pearls are also making their way to modern hairstyles. At NYFW, some of the most eye-catching hairdos were those of Bronx and Banco, which saw models wearing rows of bedazzled rhinestone in all hues. The effect was one of high-octane glam… the kind that hasn’t been seen since the 1970s!

Human Bouquets

Closely related to facial jewelery is the trend of seeing the face as a canvas for all types of art—including nature-inspired art. Few are quite as talented in terms of this type of groundbreaking looks as Pat McGrath, who created what was arguably the most talked-about look at NYFW’s Fall 2022 shows: that of a human bouquet, sported by models at the Shayne Oliver show. Models’ eyes were turned into flowers, with long “stamen” rising out from their upper and lower lashes. These, married to ultra pink eyeshadow on the upper and lower lids and flower lids, crystals, and piercings throughout the eye and eyebrow zones, were a dream for those into floral fashion.

If NYFW Fall 2022 has shown us one thing, it is that nature-inspired looks are what it’s all about. From “lived in” make-up right through to natural features on the face, it’s all about celebrating our connection to the Great Outdoors. Of course, bling and glam are always in,  as can be found in glossy eyelids, luminous skin that glows from within, and the bevy of crystal and glitter that is now as acceptable at daytime as it is by night.


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